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Surprisingly, the most titled team in the entire history of sovereign Belarusian women's football has managed to snatch at the finish of the tournament almost one hundred percent advantage in the fight for the silver position in the capital's “Zorki-BDU”.

Of course, by the end of the championship another round, but hardly anyone doubts that the current Gomel will be able to withstand the pressure of the Bobruisk squad on October 20. Accordingly, in the silver finish of Bobruisk, probably, even the “Zorka-BDU” itself no longer doubts whose fate you really will not envy. It would seem that the whole season the squad Vasily Kushner was quite a smooth. In each match, they fought for points even with Minsk itself, but in the end the final failure dropped the team to third place. Just a few weeks a similar alignment could squad Nicholas Kasatkin only dream. To achieve the desired position, it was necessary to beat both capital teams in their home walls twice in a row for a six-day period. And so you think? They did it!

Then with blood, mass of confusions and experiences, but nevertheless achieved in order to twist the dashing intrigue to the ending of the tournament and competently "destroy" it. The most surprising thing is that in both fights the big match of the home team fought off, however, due to the diploma of tactics, maximum dedication and game discipline, the team of Nikolay Kasatkin twisted two times 1: 0. And more was needed. Those who know the details of the final ten-minute game with “Starks-BDU” can begin to believe in miracles. On the 82nd and on the 83rd minute, Novikova managed to beat off a penalty from two different players twice in a row. Do you remember at least one such case in Belarusian football? Us, no! Miracles, and only.

Probably, someone somewhere highly wanted very strongly that “Bobruichanka” would be on horseback this year. We do not find another explanation. They surprised absolutely everyone by refuting the forecast of our newspaper, because at the beginning of the season we predicted to Bobruisk only the third position. For this, we probably love football, which sometimes has a place for big and small miracles.

October 8


BOBRUISK. "Spartacus". 100. JUDGE: P.Rudenkov (Gomel).

BOBRUICHANKA: Novikova, Joy, Kuchinsky (Queen 66), Malinovskaya (Martynyuk 66), Manzhuk, Buzinova, Loginova (Kunitskaya 85), Tretyakova, Jane, Davydovich, Lovet.

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Kenda, Slysh (Nizhegorodova 71), Buzunova, Gift, Shramok (Atsasheva 46), Miroshnichenko, Kioso, Shcherbachenya, Luchyonok (Vasilyeva 63), Kharlanova.

GOL: 1: 0 - Loginova (33).

WARNING: Tretyakov.

October 13


MOGILEV. Sports School-7. 100. JUDGE: O. Tereshko (Molodechno).

HOPE-DNEPR: Munteanu, Ghukasyan, Pevzner (Konoplyanikova 46), Zinedinova, Chebotar (Karapetyan 60), Lisova, Chereska, Lastochkina, Gagahova, Lyubenkova, Yakushevich (O. Gavrilenya 46).

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Slysh, Vasilyeva, Kenda, Ottsve Gift, Buzunova (Gretskaya 46), Kharlanova, Kioso, Shramok, Miroshnichenko (Muho 69), Astasheva (Nizhegorodova 57).

GOALS: 0: 1 - Astasheva (27), 0: 2 - Astasheva (41).

WARNINGS: Karapetyan - Kenda.

October 14


BOBRUISK. "Spartacus". 100. JUDGE: V.Ishchenko (Rechitsa)

BOBRUICHANKA: Novikova, Joy, Manzhuk, Tretyakova (Martynyuk 59), Queen, Davydovich, Malinovskaya (Lovet 33), Jane, Kuchinsky (Yoshchik 80), Loginova, Buzinova.

STAR-BSU: Kovalchuk, Bochilo (Dubovik 63), Krylova, Marinina, Urazaeva, Slesarchik, Linnik, P. Beshteni, Hrishchenovich (Markushevskaya 46), Popova, Tropnikova (Voskobovich 78).

GOL: 1: 0 - Kuchinsky (14).

WARNINGS: Lovet, Davydovich.

At the 82nd minute, Popova did not realize a penalty (goalkeeper).

At the 83rd minute, Urazaeva did not realize a penalty (goalkeeper).

1. Minsk 25 24 0 1 148-1 72
2. Bobruichanka 25 19 1 5 94-16 58
3. Star-BSU 25 19 0 6 155-14 57
4. Hope-Dnepr 25 13 1 11 109-36 40
5. Niva-Belkard 25 7 5 13 37-53 26
6. Gomel-SDUSHOR-8 25 5 3 17 39-90 18

BOMBARDERS: G.Obi (Minsk) - 41, A.Lovet (Bobruichanka) - 29, N.Lastochkina (Nadezhda-Dnepr) - 26, A.Linnik (Zorka-BDU) - 24, N.Muntianu (Nadezhda-Dnepr) - 21 .

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