Belarus Cup among women's teams. 1/8 FINAL.

March 21 (first matches)



GOMEL. Sports School-8 (isk.pole). 120. JUDGES: I.Turovskaya (Bobruisk), A.Zyateva, A.Ilyankova (both are Mogilyov).

GOMEL-SDUSHOR-8: Konopleva, Krasnov (Korzhova 87), Myzenkov, Sholokhov (k) (Horoneka 88), Petrochenko (Babicheva 80), Kushnerova (A. Dergelev 88), V. Dergelev (Lapust 74), Kharlanova, Legchenkov (Drozd 86), Yunitskaya , Chubkovets.

UNIVERSITY: Brovko, Volodko, Zemerov (k), O. Volkova, A. Solokho, Potapkina (Vasilenko 46), Klykovskaya (Chernyaeva 78), Lunina (Kudryavtseva 89), Stepanova, V. Solokho, Yakushevich.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Sholokhov (16), 2: 0 - Krasnov (32), 3: 0 - Krasnov (59), 4: 0 - Kushnerov (83).

WARNINGS: V.Solokho (12), Yakushevich (16).



GRODNO. CSK "Neman" (isk.pole). 200. JUDGES: O. Tereshko, E. Pashkevich (both are Vitebsk), E. Karas (Smolevichi).

LEVA-BELKARD: Savostyan (k) (Gorid 46), E. Dudko, Valitskaya, Burblis (Naumenko 77), Pavlyut, Kosozubova (Casket 45), Babich, Kondarakova (Puchok 73), Sofyina (Sinyak 70), Lenets (Nalyvayko 78), E Beshten (Kachan 67).

YOUTH: Gvozd, Muchinskaya, Dumanova (Gurko 46), Ivashenko (O. Dudko 83), Pavlova (Sorokun 80), Kozubovskaya, Alkhovik (Zelenskaya 87), Skuratovich (Miranovich 67), Lis (k), Borisevich, Panarad.

Goals: 1: 0 - E.Beşten (10), 2: 0 - Lenets 33), 3: 0 - E.Beşten (40), 4: 0 - Lenets (44), 5: 0 - 48 (E.Beşten ) 6: 0 - Babic (64), 7: 0 - Larçik (87).

WARNINGS: Borisevich (56), Sorokun (87).

March 25 (return matches)

University - 0


VITEBSK. CSK "Vitebsk" (isk.pole). 100. JUDGES: I.Turovskaya (Bobruisk), A.Zyateva, A.Ilyankova (both are Mogilyov).

UNIVERSITY: Brovko, Zemerov, Volodko, O. Volkova, Vasilenko (Kuchinskaya 75), Klykovskaya, A. Solokho, Stepanova, Lunin (Chernyaeva 80), Yakushevich, V. Solokho.

GOMEL-SDUSHOR-8: Konoplev, Myzenkova, Legchenkova, Yunitskaya, Chubkovets, Petrochenko (Skorokhod 74), Sholokhova (k), Kushnerova, Krasnov (Babicheva 88), Kharlanova (Horonek 70), Drozd.

GOL: 0: 1 - Kharlanova (58)

WARNINGS: Yunitskaya (29), Thrush (41).

Molodechno - 0


ZASKOVICHI The village. 50. JUDGES: O. Tereshko, E. Pashkevich (both - Vitebsk), E. Karas (Smolevichi)

YOUTH: Gvozd, Muchinskaya, Dumanova (Zelenskaya 82), Pavlova (Sorokun 85), Kozubovskaya, Ivashenko (O.V. Dudko 78), Alkhovik (Gurko 65), Lis (k), Skuratovich (O.S. Dudko 72), Borisevich , Panarad.

LEVA-BELKARD: Savostyan (k) (Gorid 75), Naumenko, Burblis, Pavlyut, E. Dudko, Puchok (Valitskaya 70), Kondarakova, Sofyina, Kosozubova (Casket 72), Lenets (Nalyvayko 82), E. Beshten (Sinyak 82).

GOALS: 0: 1 - Lenets (12), 0: 2 - Kosozubova (49), 0: 3 - E. Beshteni (54), 0: 4 - E. Beshteni (69), 0: 5 - E. Beshteni ( 71), 0: 6 - Laziness (77).

WARNINGS: Alhovik (36) - E. Beshteni (43).

The matches of the first cup stage between the four weakest teams of the last season passed without any sensational results, although the weak-willed defeat of the “University” with a total score of 0: 5 can be considered partly a surprise result. Still, last winter, certain changes in the organization of the women's football team were outlined in Vitebsk, but this progress has not yet been reflected in the first two official protocols of the new season. Neither did we see progress from the Molodechno football team. Apparently, young doubles of Sergei Korytko cannot get away from double-digit crushing accounts in the upcoming championship.

The next stage of the tournament will be held on April 7 and 11, and there the unconditional winners of the 1/8 final pairs in the confrontation with Mogilyov's Nadezhda and Minsk will be outsiders. However, just today it became known that Mogilyov did not declare to the tournament and the team of Edward Demenkovtsa, thanks to the victory over the “University”, went straight to the semifinals. Should have been lucky someday ...

Kuban spring. Video review of matches involving the national team of Belarus.

Dear friends, I’ve read minute reviews of three matches on the Internet with the participation of the Belarusian youth team at the Kuban Spring-2012. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to paste on the site. I give only links:

Belarus - United States 0: 0

Belarus - Romania 0: 6

Belarus - Russia-2 0: 0

Women's football. Super Cup of Belarus 2012. Minsk - Bobruichanka. From scratch.

Today, March 27, at 3:00 pm, for the third time in history, a match for the Women's Super Bowl of Belarus will be held at the artificial field of the BGATU stadium in Moscow. This year, as well as in the two previous ones, the Champion and winner of the Cup of the country - “Bobruichanka” and “Minsk” will become the candidates for the trophy.

It would seem, judging by the facts of last year, “Bobruichanka” should be considered the uncontested favorite of the presented pair.. Firstly, Minsk will have to play on Tuesday against the most productive and least passing team of last year’s championship. Secondly, in the three personal meetings last season with Bobruichka, the capital team scored just one point, without scoring a single goal. And in the last round of the championship, Irina Bulygina’s wards were beaten by “Bobruychanka” with an indecent score of 0: 6. Thirdly, the experience of playing in the decisive crucial matches at Bobruichki is incomparably higher. During its long history, the club of Nikolay Kasatkin has played more than one dozen of various finals and decisive matches for medals. While in the three-year history of "Minsk" there was only one such duel - May finals of Belarus Cup with Zorka-BDU.

However, all these The indisputable facts do not convince us at all that Bobruichanka will dictate its conditions on the field at this meeting. Both teams are approaching the current match in optimal readiness, and all the news of the offseason clearly hints that there will definitely not be a clear favorite in this pair. In fact, before this game you should forget all the former achievements of the teams and present the opponents from scratch. After all, personnel changes in the composition of teams in the winter period were radically opposed. The capital team worked in the plus, and “Bobruichanka” - in the minus. The champion of the country lost Oksana Shpak - without any alternative the best defender of the last three national championships. A significant blow to the defensive line of the Bobruisk squad occurred with the return of Anna Volodko to his native "University". Surely the attacking potential of “Bobruichka” will also be affected by the departure of Irina Tretyakova. Until recent months, the situation with the continuation of the playing career of veterans in the person of Natalia Ryzhevich and Marina Luchenok was not clear. I barely managed to keep Tatyana Loginov and Ekaterina Lutskevich in the team. If you do not count Lyubov Gudchenko, who is just training in the camp of the champion of the country, newcomers to the team from Bobruisk did not appear at all. Now, compared to last season, Nikolai Kasatkin’s combat clip has clearly decreased in number, which means that the choice of a performer for a particular position will be more difficult.if not problematic.

But in the winter, Minsk didn’t waste time. The mere signing of the attacking Belarus national team Tatiana Shramok says a lot. The coaching staff of Minsk women places great hopes on the young Georgian talent Nino Pasikashvili, who has already managed to establish herself well in recent sparrings. It is possible that the former condition in the composition of the other metropolitan team will pick up Anastasia Barkovskaya. By the way, it was she who was the star of the very first match for the Super Cup of Belarus in 2010 as part of the “Zorki-BDU”. Apparently, they finally got accustomed to the team of Vasiliev, Miroshnichenko, Nizhegorodov and Selivestrov, whose sensational transfers from Brest and Mogilev were among the most discussed in Belarusian women's football in recent years. Nevertheless, the true face of “Minsk” of the sample of 2012 we will surely see only at the height of the season, but for now One can hardly expect that the wards of Irina Bulygina and Gennady Pashkevich can immediately demonstrate the championship game. Most likely today's match will be a game of nerves. As you know, in such matches it is impossible to determine the winner in advance.

In preparation for the Super Bowl, both teams managed to attend overseas camps. If “Bobruichanka” held a traditional training cycle in the Ukrainian Yevpatoria, then “Minsk” managed to fly to the Turkish training camp, having held there two victorious sparrings with mediocre rivals. In Ukraine, “Bobruichanka” played a friendly match only once. With the score 2: 4, the Belarusians lost to the boys from the junior team of Ukraine born in 1997. Also on March 21, in Minsk, at the artificial field of the RCOP-BSU “Bobruichanka” stadium, held a control sparring against the Russian team “Ryazan-Airborne Forces”. Russians were stronger - 3: 2 (Lyubenkova, Manzhuk).

In conclusion, we note that the previous drawings of the Super Cup of Belarus had two completely different scenarios. In 2010, the “Zorka-BDU” did not leave a stone unturned from the Vitebsk “University” - 6: 1. And last year, the same “Zorka-BDU”, but already in competition with “Bobruichanka”, they could not hit the gates of each other. And in a penalty shootout, the more experienced Svetlana Novikova beat Ekaterina Kovalchuk, bringing “Bobruichanka” the same trophy that was missing in the collection of the most eminent Belarusian women's football club. How will events develop this time? Will there be a scoring extravaganza or a goalless bad weather? We learn today!

I present to your attention the application teams for the match:


Head coach: Nikolai Fedorovich KASATKIN (06/14/57).

Gates - Mary Dashkovsky (09/16/85), Svetlana NOVIKOVA (10/20/70).

DEFENDERS - Yana VYSHEDKO (08.08.82), Ekaterina LUTSKEVICH (08.11.82), Maria Buzunova (08.08.82), Anastasia KUNITSKAYA (01.22.89).

HALF WARRANTS - Ekaterina YESHCHIK (08.08.90), Tatyana LOGINOVA (01/10/84), Marina LUCHYOK (01.12.78), Olga MANZHUK (02.01.83), Nataly RYZHEVICH (03.03.77), Elena Buzinova (03/27/89), MARTYNYUK Alla (01.22.86), Malinovsky Zoya (06.11.1982), GUDCHENKO Love (05.03.92).

ATTACKERS - ASTASHYOVA Svetlana (08/30/81), Olga Davidovich (08/22/84), Veronika Lyubenkova (04/16/93).


Head coach: Irina I. BULYGINA (07.21.67).

Gates - BOTYANOVSKAYA Inna (11.02.84).

DEFENDERS - Diana MUHO (July 5, 1990), Alina Vasilyeva (December 11, 1995), HEAR Anastasia (February 3, 1991). KUNOVSKAYA Olga (04/22/94).

HALF WARRANTS - PASIKASHVILI NINO (04.12.91), Liana MIROSHNICHENKO (12.15.88), Anastasia BARKOVSKAYA (09.01.90), Ekaterina VYSOTSKAYA (07.23.94), Elena AKULICH (08.14.91), Anastasia GRETSK (30.07.90), NIZHEGORODOVA Valentina (05/16/92), KENDA Tatiana (10/20/85), SELIVESTROVA Galina (12/12/92) RODKO Olga (17.02.87).

ATTACKERS - Ekaterina MIKLASHEVICH (01/25/92), Tatiana SHRAMOK (08/03/82).

Yesterday's Cup Results

Gomel-SDUSHOR-8 - University (Vitebsk) 4: 0 (Krasnova - 2, Sholokhova, Kushnerova)

Niva-BELKARD (Grodno) - Molodechno 7: 0 (Beshteni - 3, Lazy - 2, Casket, Babich)

Women's football of Belarus. Major League. News.

On March 22 and 24, the Ryazan-VDV team will hold two friendly meetings with Belarusian teams in the artificial field of the RCOP-BSU in Minsk on the artificial field of the RCOP-BSU.

March 22 with the Russian women will play "Bobruichanka", which is now in the collection in Evpatoria, and on March 24, Russians will examine the capital "Zorku-BDU." Approximate beginning of both meetings - 12:00.

Meanwhile, the football club "Minsk" returned from the Turkish collection. There, the team of Irina Bulygina held two friendly meetings. First, the Minsk team beat the Turkish “Izmir” - 5: 0 (Shramok 18, Pasikashvili 35, Seliestrova 48, 63, Miklashevich 57).

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Kenda, Slysh, Vasilyeva, Akulich, Miklashevich, Nizhegorodova, Miroshnichenko, Pasikashvili, Selevestrova, Shramok.

And in the second match of the collection, “Minsk” was stronger than the Swiss team “Juventus” - 3: 1 (Selivestrova 25, Shramok 45, Vasilyeva 89).

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Kenda, Slysh, Vasilyeva, Akulich, Miklashevich, Pasikashvili, Nizhegorodova, Miroshnichenko (Gretskaya 75), Selystestrova, Shramok.

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