1st round of the Belarusian Women's Football Championship 2011

Victories are different

The first round of the women's championship of the country brought no surprises. As expected, the main contenders for medals beat their rivals, not allowing them to hit their own goal.

However, the victories of each of the favorite teams went differently. “Zorka-BDU”, for example, made fun of Molodechno, scoring ten unanswered goals. For half of the still young football players of the visiting team, the reporting match was the first in their professional career, and miracles could not be expected from them. The only thing that surprised at this meeting was the goalless end of the match performed by Avkhimovich. Last year, Catherine taught us all to the fact that without a goal she practically did not leave the field, especially in a match with an outsider. This time in the just started bombing race last year's goal-scorer already after the first round seriously lags behind his team-mates, who managed to distinguish themselves with hake-trick and doubles.

"Bobruichanka" also put in the piggy bank "duty" three points. The match with the “University” for the wards of Nikolai Kasatkin was the third in the last two weeks. The two previous meetings ended with the defeat with a total score of 10: 0 in favor of the champions. This time the scoring advantage of the guests was calculated with just two balls. Bobruichans were not upset by this outcome, because the main thing is victory. And the young Vitebsk women managed to re-believe in their own strength after the humiliation in Bobruisk.

Much more effort to win had to make "Minsk". In fact, leaving for Grodno, the team of Irina Bulygina and Gennady Pashkevich stepped into the unknown. What could be expected from the newly created team in native walls? It turned out that Grodno footballers were not a formidable force. Guests all game owned a territorial advantage, successfully combined. That is, fully controlled the course of the fight. However, the desire and dedication of the hostess is clearly not refuse. The students fought to the last, forcing the coaching staff of Minsk in the end of the meeting to even resort to little football tricks - the two mechanical replacements just before the final whistles were clearly not intended to enhance the game. A notable event of the match was the appearance in the application of “Minsk” of all three Cameroonian legionaries, and in the starting lineup, along with the already familiar to all Prudence, there appeared a “support” Christine Manet - a player of the national team of Cameroon. According to the head coach Irina Bulygina, her ability to organize the game in the center of the field is very, very wide.

The fourth victory of the candidate for medals from Mogilyov turned out to be completely different from all the others. “Victoria-86” footballers simply refused to go to the match with “Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7” until the club paid them all wage arrears. It is a pity, but the game promised to be interesting, because right on the day of the termination of applications for the first round Anna Pilipenko returned to the teamwhich has not developed a relationship with the Russian "Kubanochka". She would definitely not have missed the opportunity to remind the Belarusian public about her bombing talents!

The draw outcome in Lida became the logical conclusion of the “correct” in all respects tour. All stand in their places, even draw a table does not make sense!

Championship of Belarus. 1st round. April 9th.



MINSK. RCOP-BSU. 70. JUDGES: I.Turovskaya (Bobruisk), A.Zyateva, A.Ilyankova (both are Mogilyov). INSPECTOR: N. Pyryev (Minsk).

STAR-BSU: Kovalchuk (Voskobovich 46), Linnik (Markushevskaya 46), Urazaeva, Barkovskaya, Borisenko, Slesarchik (Kasyanik 46), Tropnikova (k), Bundyukova (Krachun 46), Shayko, Avkhimovich (Urbanovich 52), Popova.

YOUTH: Bakunovich (Tereshchenko 64), Panarad (Tomashevich 87), Kozubovskaya (Eroshova 67), Kozlovskaya, Monid (Yatsevich 85), Alkhovik (Cat 78), Ivaschenko, Lis (k), Borisevich (Skuratovich 75), Gurko, Muchinskaya.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Barkovskaya (10), 2: 0 - Borisenko (27), 3: 0 - Barkovskaya (29), 4: 0 - Tropnikova (34), 5: 0 - Popova (45), 6: 0 - Shaiko (54), 7: 0 - Borisenko (67), 8: 0 - Popova (72) 9: 0 - Barkovskaya (74), 10: 0 - Tropnikova (78).

WARNINGS: Borisenko (59).



LIDA. "Urban". 50 . JUDGES: V.Shimusik, A.Voitesonok, M.Dogaker (all - Osipovichi). INSPECTOR: V. Yazevich (Lida).

VICTORIA: Volkova, Polukhina, Makarenko (Bogutskaya 60), Sysoeva, Balabaykina, Ryzhenkov, Muraveinikova (k), Kazeeva, Stankevich, Emelyanchik, Vinokurov.

GOMEL-SDUSHOR-8: Myzenkov, Khoronek, Sholokhov (k), Kushnerov, V. Dergelev, Krasnov, Kharlanov, Legchenkov, Yunitskaya, Khabikhuzhina, Chubkovets.

GOALS: 0: 1 - Horoneka (58), 1: 1 - Kazeeva (75).

WARNINGS: Muraveinikova (40), Ryzhenkova (77) - Kharlanova (40).



VITEBSK. CSK "Vitebsk". JUDGES: D.Digilevich, A.Shlom, E.Karas. INSPECTOR: A.Leonovich



GOALS: 0: 1 - Loginova (), 0: 2 - Tretyakova ()




GRODNO. CSK "Neman" artificial field. 50. JUDGES: V.Verbitsky (Kobrin), A.Kunay (Bresst), A.Gurenko (Grodno). INSPECTOR: V. Chernik (Bridges).

LEVA-BELKARD: Savostyan (k), Belesta, Burblis, Dudko (Pavlyut 83), Kandarakova, Naumenko, Puchok, Kosozubova (Sinyak 59), Sofyina, Tarasevich, Lenets.

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Muho, Volkova, Ryzhova, Slysh, Kenda, Manet, Akulich (Biziuk 89), Nizhegorodova, Prudence (Beshteni 90 + 3), Miklashevich.

GOALS: 0: 1 - Kenda (13).

WARNINGS: Nizhegorodova (25).

Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7 - Victoria-86 - the match did not take place due to the absence of guests. A technical defeat with a score of 0: 3 will be defended to the guests.

DOWNLOAD: 09.04 Niva-Belkard - Minsk 2: 0 (Valicka, Kovshik 84), Victoria - Gomel-SDUSHOR-8 0: 7 (Duben-3, Larchik-2, Vysotskaya, Kovalevskaya) University - Bobruichanka 3: 0 (), FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk - Molodechno 3: 0 (technical defeat), Nadezhda-SDYUSOR-7 - Victoria-86 3-0 (technical defeat).

Preview of the Belarusian Women's Football Championship 2011

Anniversary Women's Season

Tomorrow, April 9, the 20th anniversary Belarusian Football Championship among women’s teams will start. On the eve of the start, VOF decided to take a closer look at the realities of our female football industry and predict the final positions of the teams in the long championship marathon.

The current football winter in the camp of the women's teams was probably one of the most exciting and intriguing in recent years. Here you will have the reorganization of Minsk-BSPU, the emergence of a new team, and the financial starvation of last year's prize-winner.

To take part in the jubilee 20th national championship was expressed not by nine teams, as it was last year, but by as many as ten. It should be noted that never before has more than nine teams participated in the women's championship. 2011 season will be a record in this regard. In addition, an even number of participants - this is certainly a plus, because now no team will have to miss playing days. Accordingly, after each played tour the table will have a clear, complete look. You must agree that only a knowledgeable fan could know correctly the standings in last year’s table of ranks, who knew in advance who and with whom he still had to play. At this time, such puzzles championship does not promise us.

Young shift

Interesting and at the same time risky is the decision of the ABFF on the organization of the tournament of duplicate teams. The age criterion was also chosen very controversial - 1993-1997 year of birth. The fact is that in most teams of the Higher League, 16-17-year-old football players are already players of the main squad. In only one “Zorka-BDU” in the matches of the ¼ Cup of Belarus, as many as seven football players went on the pitch, who by age can still play for the backup team. It is clear that the resources of the capital teams in terms of the organization of high-quality teams of doublers are much wider than those of the representatives of the regions. For example, in “Bobruichanka” there are no football players at the age of 16-17 years. Bobruisk Youth School-6, with which the club has entered into an agreement, will expose the team with the players two or even three years younger. Molodechno will not play at all in the doublers championship. Collecting two women's football teams in the district center turned out to be an impossible task. However, this initiative has already had the desired effect. The teams systematized the work on the preparation of the reserve and this is already good. And about the specific results of this experiment will be possible only at the end of the season.

Champion ambitions

Now smoothly proceed to the main teams. It is obvious that for the championship, as in the past year, two irreconcilable opponents will fight - Bobruichanka and Zorka-BDU. However, this time the disposition is somewhat different. Now “Bobruichanka” will represent Belarus in the women's Champions League and the coaching staff will have to seriously break their heads when setting priorities for the season. As head coach Nikolai Kasatkin told us, the task is not to give all the forces to defend the championship. The main goal of 2011 is a successful performance in the Champions League. Bobruichanka is not averse to repeating the success of 2004, when the team was among the eight strongest clubs in Europe - this, by the way, is the highest achievement of Belarusian club football in the entire sovereign history. Nevertheless, even with this remark, we will not undertake to predict the championship of their main competitors. All the off-season news from the camp of the Bobruisk women unambiguously hints that they clearly do not intend to take the positions they have won. Now the coaching staff of 10-time champions of the country has an unprecedented depth of the composition. Fortifications in the face of Martynyuk, Buzinova, Astashova and Davydovich allow for a smooth rotation of the composition, while achieving a positive result. For example, in the second leg of the Беларуси Cup of Belarus, Nikolay Kasatkin allowed himself to leave the “iron” players of the base on the bench of Luchenok, Loginov and Lyubenkov. With all this, the application "Bobruisk" for the season is the shortest - 19 people. We also note that “Bobruichanka” is one of two Belarusian women's teams that traveled to a foreign camp during the off-season. The 10-day mesocycle in Evpatoria was a great success. Thus, the champions approach the start of the tournament in full combat readiness.

Minsk women, in turn, did not make any drastic changes in the off-season. Castling occurred only on the coaching bridge. Marina Lis, a long-time leader of Belarusian women's football, has completed her playing career and is now trying to achieve the same laurels in the coaching field. At her disposal is a young, but already played team, in which almost every player has the experience of playing for the national or youth teams of Belarus. True, in a massive traumatic disaster (and it can never be ruled out in women's football), the Zorka-BDU spare benches may not be enough. The thing is that the difference in class between the starting numbers of Minsk women and their doubles is really significant. And you should not forget about the team experience. In terms of middle age, “Bobruichanka” is older than its rivals by more than five years. What can we say if the main goalkeeper of Minsk women is Ekaterina Kovalchuk exactly twenty years younger than her colleague in the role of Svetlana Novikova. Direct preparation for the season “Zorka-BDU” was carried out in Minsk on an artificial turf of the RCOP-BSU. However, the targeted work was constantly hampered by the numerous departures of team players to the location of the national teams of the country. Thus, we predict another silver for “Zorki-BDU”.

Ambitious applicants

Separating the football club "Minsk" from the two main contenders for gold, we do not in any way downplay the level of the second metropolitan team. Of course, the new management team is waiting for the players and the coaching staff exclusively medal deeds, and with the most valuable medal test. For this, the team has all the necessary conditions: artificial field, material support, worthy contracts. Organizational issues now in the team are also put on the highest level. Yes, and personnel policy is very productive. The mere addition of three legionnaires from the national team of Cameroon is worth something. True, for various reasons, only Andiola Prudence has played for the team. We still have to meet with two other black football players. The defender Valentina Nizhegorodova from Mogilev "Nadezhi" - the unconditional strengthening of the defensive line - was fixed in the main team. However, this team is not yet able to fight for the championship. We believe that in the end "Minsk" without any alternative will take the third place with a serious margin from the closest pursuers.

In Mogilev, head coach Alexander Lastochkin always hopes for the best, but every time his work goes unnoticed by the leadership of the region and the region. Last year, the wonderful Mogilev team delighted the eye with great football and rightly tried on bronze. In the same season, money fever literally ruined the team. Without waiting for financial clarity, the location of the team left Valentina Nizhegorodova and Anastasia Gretskaya, who went to conquer the capital. Antonina Balabaykina and Tatiana Ryzhenkova left in the Voronovo direction. Svetlana Znaidenova and Victoria Lyubenkova will not help the team this year either - they went on maternity leave. In exchange, the coaching staff attracted to the “base” only three pupils of the local school. Agree, these castlings cannot be called equivalent. Therefore, the fourth position for the current "Hope" - the ceiling.

Hoping for the best

In the middle of the standings to predict the final places will be very problematic. However, we venture to suggest that the fifth will be the “Victoria-86” from Brest. The team still has huge financial problems. The mood of the leaders is literally at zero. However, domestic and financial difficulties of the Brest women are only hardened. In the recent cup match with Zorka-BDU, Vasilyeva and Co. played selflessly, with full dedication and managed to achieve a very acceptable result. According to the director of the club, coach George Dorbuashvili, in the upcoming season in the application “Victoria-86” there will be only six native Brest women. Young football players from the whole Brest region will be attracted to the main team.

The sixth line in the standings will give “Victoria” from Voronovo, which pretty much strengthened last winter. The level of newcomers in the face of Balabaykina, Ryzhenkova, Kazeeva and Muraveinikova allows the head coach Stanislav Bogutsky to set rather high goals (in comparison with previous seasons). In our opinion, a place in the middle of the Victoria table is guaranteed this year.

Landed ambitions

The rest of the teams, in our opinion, will not be able to solve serious problems in the upcoming season. The former leader of our women's club football from Vitebsk is seriously weak. In fact, only one youth remained in the team. She will have to defend the honor of Vitebsk football in the upcoming championship. Seventh place - this is the current reality for the charges of Viktor Naumov. Year after year, Gomel women perform at the same level and it is clearly below the average performance of the Belarusian championship. This year to get off the ground will also be very problematic. We leave behind them the eighth position. For the two remaining participants of the championship (Niva-Belkard and Molodechno), the task for the season sounds trite - just to perform. They will decide in personal duels, who is stronger.

Cup of Belarus. Second leg matches quarter finals. The strongest go further

The return matches of the Беларуси Cup of Belarus among women's teams were held in a regular mode and brought no surprises. Seed teams have seamlessly dealt with their less sophisticated rivals. We never saw a hint of struggle in any of the pairs.

In eight matches, the favorites in total summoned the opponents' gate as many as 23 times and missed only once. The only hole was made by Zorki-BDU defenders, who allowed Miroshnichenko to hit the gate Voskobovich shortly before the final whistle. It is worth noting that the Victoria-86 looked pretty solid in Minsk. The guests played the usual counterattack football and even had every chance not to lose if they realized all their possibilities. But actually, at the moment, the Brest women play exclusively for their own name and prestige. Football players for the third month do not receive salaries and adequate material support. The situation in the camp of "Victoria-86" is extremely tense and it is not yet known whether the financial situation of the team will change for the better. As for the capital, they played one after the other: they carried out slow, sweeping attacks, controlled the ball and successfully combined in the center of the field. More from them and was not required.

Women's football. FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk - Victoria 86STAR-2 BSU

Victoria-86 1

MINSK. RCOP BSU. 100. JUDGES: O. Tereshko, E. Pashkevich, E. Zhukova (all - Vitebsk). INSPECTOR: G. Drobakha (Minsk).

STAR-BSU: Kovalchuk (Voskobovich 78), Linnik (Karachun 65), Vyshedko (k), Urazaeva, Borisenko (Markushevskaya 60), Slesarchik, V. Dubovik, Bundyukova (Kasyanik 50), Shayko, Avkhimovich, Popova (Urbanovich 60).

VICTORIA-86: Senyuta, Nichiporuk, Vasilyeva, Satsuta, Semenyuk, Shukova (k), Glyadko, Plokhova (Litskevich 80), Krupenich (Kulak 65), Miroshnichenko, Kozyupa.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Popova (40), 2: 0 - Avkhimovich (44), 2: 1 - Miroshnichenko (88).

WARNINGS: Borisenko (14), Karachun (90 + 2).

Women's football. FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk - Victoria 86

The second capital team reacted to their fight more responsibly. It could not be otherwise, because the result of the first match (a goalless draw) made “Minsk” go forward from the very first minutes. Starting attacker fuse wards Irina Bulygina not lost until the final whistle. During this time, Volkova had to get the ball four times from the net of his own goal. The first goals of the season were the attacking capitals - Prudence and the young Miklashevich cameroon. Apparently, this is the formidable duet will be the main striking force of "Minsk" in the coming season.

Women's football. Minsk - Victoria (Voronovo)MINSK 4

Victoria 0

MINSK. Stadium BGATU. 100. JUDGES: I.Turovskaya (Bobruisk), A.Zyateva, S.Pugachev (both are Mogilyov). INSPECTOR: V. Biryuk (Minsk)

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Mukho, Volkova, Ryzhova (k), Nizhegorodova (Klykovskaya 84), Slysh, Miklashevich, Prudence, Beshteni (Akulich 46), Bizyuk (Yakushevich 56), Kenda (Korovushkina 74).

Women's football. Minsk - Victoria (Voronovo)VICTORIA: Volkova, Polukhina, Makarenko, Sysoyeva, Kazeeva, Muraveinikova (k) (Daylidko 78), Stankevich (Snigir 82), Ryzhenkova, Bogutskaya, Balabaykina (Ilinykh 46), Emelyanchik.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Prudence (21, from the penalty spot), 2: 0 - Miklashevich (42), 3: 0 - Akulich (50), 4: 0 - Miklashevich (71).

WARNINGS: Miklashevich (28).

In Mogilev, the fate of the voucher to the semifinals was decided in the first half. The wards of Alexandra Lastochkin put in just as much effort as was necessary to achieve a positive result. In the second half, the housewives even allowed the Gomel women to seize the initiative, but no more. The danger at the gates of "Hope" almost did not arise.


Gomel-SDUSHOR-8 0

MOGILEV. Sports School-7. 80. JUDGES: D.Gomelko, ASHLOMA (both are Zhodino), E.Karas (Smolevichi). INSPECTOR: E.Serezhkin (Mogilev).

HOPE-JUNIOR-7: Bulakhova (Malakhova 46), Lishankova (Kuptsova 81), Pevzner, Chebotar (Selivestrov 62), Yu Denisenko, Rudnitskaya, Krushkina, Lisova (T. Gavrilenia 77), A. Denisenko, Lastochkin, O. Gavrilenya (Shlyakhtayn 62).

GOMEL-SDUSHOR-8: Skorokhod (Horoneka 71), Krasnov, Myzenkov, Sholokhov (k), Kushnerov, V. Dergelev, Kharlanov, Legchenkov, Yunitskaya, Khabikhuzhina, Chubkovets.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Lisova (5), 2: 0 - Lastochkina (25).

WARNINGS: Malakhova (52) - Skorokhod (33), Myzenkova (34), Sholokhov (42).

The most convincing at the start of the season looks like the newly-minted winner of the Super Bowl - Bobruichanka. Wards of Nikolay Kasatkin defeated their rivals in the return match. Bobruichanka was not embarrassed even by the fact that they were forced to spend their home match not in their native Bobruisk, but in Zhlobin. The tenfold goal advantage of “Bobruichanka” in the sum of two meetings became a real reflection of the strength of the reigning champion of the country. "University" is frankly a pity. In Vitebsk, Viktor Naumov is just starting to build a new team of very young football players. I want to believe that the devastating defeats from the strongest team of the country will not be a strong blow to the ambitions and pride of the Vitebsk women, and they will proudly be able to go through a long championship course, which will begin to take its beginning this coming Saturday. We look forward to start ...

Avkhimovich, Borisenko and Victoria-86BOBRUICHANKA 7

University 0

Zhlobin "Locomotive". 50. JUDGES: P.Rudenkov, D.Emelyanchikov, S.Teslyuk (all - Gomel). INSPECTOR: N.Voytenkov (Mogilev).

BOBRUICHANKA: Dashkovskaya (Novikova 46), Astashova, Kuchinskaya, Lutskevich, Martynyuk, Kunitskaya, Yoshchyk (Luchenok 46), Buzunova (k) (Kosareva 60), Buzinova (Loginova 46), Tretyakova, Davydovich (Ver.Lyubenkova 46).

UNIVERSITY: Vlasov, Gromolyuk, Zemerov (Kudryavtsev 58), P. Dububik, Malinovskaya (k), Verenova, Potapkina, Volkova, V. Solokho, Khrishchenovich (A. Solokho 18), Stepanova (Lunin).

GOALS: 1: 0 - Buzunova (23), 2: 0 - Buzinova (32), 3: 0 - Davydovich (38), 4: 0 - Tretyakov (47), 5: 0 - Luchenok (48), 6: 0 - Luchenok (74), 7: 0 - Loginova (78).

WARNINGS: A. Solokho (54).

Meanwhile, yesterday the ½ final of the Belarus Cup among women's teams was drawn in the House of Football. The blind lot determined the following pairs of semifinalists:

FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk - Bobruichanka

Minsk - Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7

The first matches will be held on May 25, and the return ones - on June 8.

Women's national team of Belarus will play friendly matches with Poland

In preparation for the qualifying rand of the 2018 European Women's Championship, the national women's team of Belarus will hold two friendly matches against the national team of Poland. Matches will be held on April 15 and 17 at the Volna stadium in Pinsk. The fight, scheduled for April 15, will begin at 6:00 pm, and on April 17 at 11:00.

At the moment, the Polish women's national team ranks 29th in the world rankings. Recall, our team is there on the 38th place. The last two matches of the Poles were also friendly. On November 19, 2010, they were defeated by the French with a score of 0: 5, and on March 2, our future opponents of Slovakia won - 3: 1.

In the last selection, the Polish national team in the fourth qualifying group finished second with sixteen points in eight matches. Above were only Ukrainian women - 17 points.

Thus, we can conclude that our opponent will be quite serious, which will help Dmitry Shevchuk and his charges assess their current state and possibilities.

1/4 of the Belarus Cup among women's teams. First matches 30th of March.


LIDA. "Victoria". 50. JUDGES: R.Golodko, A.Kunai (both are Brest), A.Sladnitsky (Baranovichi). INSPECTOR: V.Korepanov (Grodno).

VICTORIA: Volkova, Polunina, Makarenko, Sysoeva, Balabaykina, Caseyeva, Emelyanchik, Muraveinikova (k), Stankevich, Bogutskaya, Ryzhenkova (Snigir 90 + 4).

MINSK: Botyanovskaya, Mukho, Nizhegorodova, Volkova, Ryzhova (k), Slysh, Miklashevich, Prudence, Akulich (Beshteni 52; Kalechits 77), Kenda, Bizyuk (Klykovskaya 62).



BREST "Dynamo". 50. JUDGES: A.Obelevsky, Y.Sinkevich, V.Akamelkov (all - Grodno). INSPECTOR: Y. Grishchenko (Brest).

VICTORIA-86: Senyuta, Nichiporuk, Vasilyeva, Semenyuk, Satsuta (Litskevich 80), Plokhova (Pronin 53), Zhukova (k) (Berezina 89), Glyadko, Krupenich (Kunak 73), Miroshnichenko, Kozyupa.

STAR-BSU: Kovalchuk, Linnik, Vyshedko (k), Urazaeva (Urbanovich 65), Borisenko (Markushevskaya 56), Slesarchik, V. Dubovik (Tropnikova 73), Bundyukova (Kasyanik 65), Shaiko (Karachun 54), Avhimovich, Popova.

GOALS: 0: 1 - Avkhimovich (5), 0: 2 - Urazaeva (22), 0: 3 - V. Dubovik (33), 0: 4 - Urbanovich (90 + 2).

WARNINGS: Vasiliev (90).



GOMEL. Sports School-8. 25. JUDGES: O.Tereshko (Vitebsk), V.Sakun, G.Luferov (both are Gomel). INSPECTOR: M. Tsukanov (Gomel).

GOMEL-SDUSHOR-8: Skorokhod, Myzenkova, Sholokhov (k), Kushnerov (Krasnova 19), V. Dergelev (Horonek 76), Kharlanova, Legchenkova, Yunitskaya, Khabikhuzhina, Drozd (Larchik 83), Chubkovets (Petrochenko 69).

HOPE-JUNIOR-7: Malakhov (Bulakhova 46), Lishankova, Pevzner, Shlyakhtayn (Kuptsova 78), Chebotar (Selivstrovo 60), Yu Denisenko, Rudnitskaya, Krushkina, Lisova (Gavrilenya 90), A. Denisenko, Lastochkin (k).

GOALS: 0: 1 - Lastochkina (33).

WARNINGS: Habihuzhina (81).



VITEBSK. CSK "Vitebsk". 50. JUDGES: D.Gomelko, A.Shlom (both - Zhodino), E.Karas (Smolevichi). INSPECTOR: V.Zazhevsky (Novopolotsk).

UNIVERSITY: Prusakova, Gromolyuk, P. Dubovik, Zemerova, Malinovskaya (k), Vlasova (Verenova 46), Potapkina, Volkova, L. Solokho, N. Solokho (Stepanova), Khrishchenovich.

BOBRUICHANKA: Novikova (Dashkovskaya 46), Manzhuk (Kunitskaya 43), Shpak, Ryzhevich (Karaseva 83), Luchenok (k), Tretyakova, Buzunova, Buzinova (Loginova 46), Lutskevich (Martynyuk 58), Ver.Lyubenkova (Davydovich 77), Kuchinskaya .

GOALS: 0: 1 - P. Dubovik (5, into his own net), 0: 2 - Buzunova (86), 0: 3 - Tretyakova (90 + 1).

WARNINGS: V.Solokho (27), Potapkina (65), Prusakova (90) - Tretyakova (33).

On Wednesday, the first matches of the ¼ final of the Belarus Cup among women's teams took place. At this stage, the main contenders for the honorary trophy, “Bobruichanka” and “Zorka-BDU”, entered the fight, who recently found out the relationship in the Super Bowl match. It should be noted that in three out of four pairs the favorites managed to confirm their status in the away matches.

Of the seeded teams, only the players of Minsk failed to take home the victory. However, in the framework of a two-round confrontation, a goalless guest draw seems to be an acceptable result for the capitalists. In Lida (namely, the game took place there), the wards of Irina Bulygina hung the whole match at the Volkova gate, but in the final stage they were absolutely unlucky. The goalkeeper of "Victoria" defended really beyond all praisehaving rescued the team in a good ten episodes. As part of the guests, Miklashevich was the most active, who twice could send the ball into the net, but every time the goalkeeper became in the way of the ball. In a number of episodes in the penalty area, the referee of the match made controversial decisions to the hosts. At least in two moments the head judge could safely point to the point. For Victoria, the goalless draw with the favorite was the first major achievement. In the offseason, the team has seriously strengthened and is now able to pull out matches with a more skilled rival for the veins. Will they succeed in Minsk? We learn on Sunday ...

In Gomel, the game was also hard. Mogilev women, although they possessed a territorial advantage, but almost no scoring chances were created. The only serious hole in the defense of the housewives and took the Swallow. Natalia removed the defender and “rolled” the ball past the goalkeeper into the far corner - 0: 1. The second half of the meeting a few spectators from Gomel frankly missed. However, wards Alexandra Lastochkina had every chance of increasing the gap in the score, if Drozd and Selistrovrova were not so wasteful at the completion of their scoring opportunities.

But the main contenders for the Cup triumph secured a pleasure return matches in guest fights. The footballers of the metropolitan Zorki-BDU began the systematic destruction of the defense of the Brest women in the first half. As a result, for the break, Marina Lis was already thinking not about solving tournament problems, but about who to release on the field in the second half from the nearest reserve. As a result, young Karachuk, Kasyanik, Markushevskaya and Urbanovich got a chance to express themselves. The last, by the way, and put the final point in the match - 0: 4. The crushing victory of “Bobruichanka” in Vitebsk turned out to be an order of magnitude more difficult. The wards of Nikolay Kasatkin managed to ensure an acceptable result only in the final five-minute. Now Vitebljanka is waiting for a hot reception in Bobruisk. As it seems, total defeat cannot be avoided ...

Note: during the preparation of the material photos from www.fcnadezhda.com were used.

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