Instead of one planned sparring on the artificial field of the RCOP-BSU, the capital team played with the Russian “Ryazan-Airborne Forces” twice. In both games, the Russians were stronger - 4: 1 and 1: 0.


Last week in the structure of "Minsk" there was another replenishment. As expected, two Nigerian legionnaires joined the metropolitan team. On the names are not reported. According to the coaching staff, both football players are completely satisfied with the club in their gaming characteristics. Soon contracts will be signed with them. All necessary paper issues the football club "Minsk" will try to settle as quickly as possible, to be able to declare football players for the match for the Super Cup of Belarus. Recall that it was moved due to weather conditions. The specific date of its holding has not yet been determined. It is planned that the match will be scheduled for March 11. The capital team conducts the preparation for the first official match of the season in a standard one-time mode on the artificial fields of FC Minsk.


Due to organizational difficulties, the women's football team from Mogilev could not make an application for participation in the Cup of Belarus to ABFF.


Literally before the start of the "Niva-Belkard" in the Cup of Belarus Grodno team joined Elvira BESTEN (1992). The footballer who played last season in “Minsk” not only joined the team, but already managed to put a lot of effort into defeating Molodechno. at the 1/8 stage of the Belarus Cup final, scoring three goals in each match. Already on March 7, she will play against her former teammates.


The team from Voronovo still hasn't settled the paperwork related to the insurance of the team's football players for the season. In this regard, the club director Stanislav Bogutsky will try to achieve a transfer of the match to one of the reserve days in May. According to Bohutsky, for the championship all the problems in the club will be settled. The team is training and fully prepared for the season.


The youngest girlish national team of these countries is holding a home gathering in Minsk these days. The result of the collection will be summed up by two friendly matches with the Polish national team of the corresponding age category. The rivals will face off today (15:00) and the day after (12:00) on the artificial field of FC "Minsk".


April 7 (first matches)


GRODNO. CSK "Neman" (isk.pole). 12:00

Victoria 86 - STAR-BSU

BREST "Dynamo" (isk.pole). 2:30 pm


Match Hope-SDUSHOR-7 - Gomel-SDUSHOR-8 will not take place. Mogilev team did not show up for the 2012 Belarus Cup. Gomel team will automatically receive a pass to the semifinal stage.

At the request of Voronov's “Victoria”, her cup duel with “Bobruichanka” will be rescheduled for May. The management of the Bobruisk team has already given its consent. It remains to receive an official confirmation in the ABFF.

In connection with the planned date of the match for the Super Cup of Belarus for March 11, the return matches of the 1/4 Cup of the country with the participation of “Minsk” and “Bobruichanka” will be postponed to one of the summer reserve days. According to preliminary information, the games take place on June 27th.

Women's Super Cup match canceled

The match for the Super Cup of the Republic of Belarus among women Minsk - Bobruichanka, which was to be held today at the BSGATU field, was canceled due to weather conditions.

The new match date will be approved by the Bureau of the BFF Executive Committee.

Photo: Alexander Illen

UEFA European Women's Championship (U-17) in 2016 in Belarus

On March 21, at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, a number of countries were identified that were entrusted with the right to host the final tournaments of the European Youth Championships in 2014, 2015, and 2016. It is gratifying that Belarus was among the future hosts of the competition under the auspices of UEFA. In 2016, our country will host the final tournament of the European Championship among girls under 17 years old.

For the first time, competitions for football players in the relevant age category were held in the 2007/2008 season. Hitherto, the field of UEFA headquarters in Nyon has always been the venue for the final tournament. Starting in 2014, the format of the competition will be changed. In the final round, not four, but eight teams will play. In 2014, the first tournament of the new format will be taken by England, in 2015 - Iceland, in 2016 - Belarus.

Recall that the perspective voiced just above was discussed at the meeting of the ABFF committee on women's football back in February. The main task in this direction is that the members and the chairman of the committee determined the formation of a combat-ready youth (U-17) national team of Belarus, which will be able to adequately oppose rivals in front of their native public. To this end, candidates for the national team of the appropriate age (born in 1999-2000) will be selected at regional and republican competitions this year. And with the next season will begin a focused preparation of the team for the main start in 2016. Nominations for the head coach of this team will be made at one of the next meetings of the ABFF women's football committee.

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