Women's football. Results All sisters in earrings!

The 2011 season in Belarusian women's football was very intense. Up to the last rounds, there was a struggle for the gold medals of the domestic championship, the national team of Belarus quite successfully passed the first qualifying round for the European Championship 2018, and the country's champion in the face of Bobruichka left quite a good impression from playing in the strongest club tournament of the Old World.

All these events have long been a part of history, but we traditionally sum up the final results of the football year only in December. On Thursday, at the closing ceremony of the 2011 football season, the names of the winners in two main categories became known. Olga Aniskovtseva was recognized as the best Belarusian player of the past season. The 29-year-old midfielder in the Almaty "ShVSM-Kairat" won the silver medal of the championship of Kazakhstan. She scored twice in the 1/16 stage of the women's Champions League, bringing her team a sensational home victory over the Austrian “Neulenbach”. Also, two goals of Aniskovtseva brought two major victories of the national team of Belarus in the matches of the first qualifying round for the 2018 European Championship. Olga in the season ended was no alternative the best. Also at the gala evening was announced and the best female player of the national championship among the women's teams of the 2011 draw. She became the defender of "Bobruichanka" and the captain of the national team of Belarus Oksana Shpak. Interview with a football player reading other material.

However, the football federation did not limit itself to these two names when summing up the results. As part of the survey, which was conducted by the Office for the Competition of the AFFF, two symbolic national teams of the ended championship were identified, as well as the best players in specific roles. The survey involved the head coaches and team captains, club leaders and members of the ABFF women's football committee. As a result, Inna Botyanovskaya from the Minsk Football Club was recognized the best goalkeeper of the championship. Inna became the bronze medalist of the championship, having played 26 matches in the Moscow team and conceding 21 goals. The best defender was Oksana Shpak, whom we mentioned a little earlier. In the midfield line, Natalya Lastochkina from “Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7” was recognized as the best alternative. The captain of the Mahiliou team spent 25 matches in the championship and scored 15 goals in them. Diana Tropnikova from the capital Zorki-BDU was recognized as the best attacker. It was she with 28 goals in the asset excelled in the race scorers.

The final line under the 2011 season in Belarusian women's football will be announced on December 20 in Mogilev. It was there that next Tuesday, the local school for sports schools-7, together with ABFF, will award all winners of the season. In addition to the winners in the aforementioned official nominations, the winners of unofficial nominations will also receive awards - “Best Young Player”, “Experienced Leader”, “Football Grace”, “Legionnaire of the Year”.

There will also be announced the winners in the team nominations: "For beautiful football", "Audience Award", "One for all and all for one", "The most correct championship team."

Note that this kind of event will be held for the first time. Award winners will be held in the entertainment complex "League" and will begin at 15:00. Everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Belarusian women's football is invited to the event.

Women's football. Youth team of Belarus (U-15). The first pancake - not a lump!

Last week the Belarusian women's team (U-15), represented by football players born in 1997-1998, returned from Polish Konin, where she held her first international friendly matches.

The debut game took place on December 3 and in it the wards of Yuri Raskol were stronger than the Polish peers with a score of 3: 0 (Vasilyeva-2, Sergeychik). The next day there was a re-fight in which our girls were also stronger, but with a less clear advantage - 3: 2 (Vasilyeva-2, Granovskaya). Note that in both matches the Polish team was not represented by the strongest team. In addition, in the second match, the players in the opposing team played football players born in 1995-1997.

We asked the head coach of the team, Yuri Rassolko, to comment on the results of the Polish voyage: “The trip to Poland was very successful. Immediately, I note that we played not with the Polish national team, but with the national team of the Poznań Voivodeship. Nevertheless, this team is the base for the formation of the Polish national team of this age. In the first match my players were seriously worried. It was for this reason that they could not relax themselves at the start, completing the first half with a score of 0: 0. In the second half, with the first goal scored, self-confidence came and coughed up with two more goals. In the second game, the opponent put a stronger lineup, firing at the base of the female players 1-2 years older. However, in the replay the girls were not afraid of anything, showing their true capabilities. As a result, at the break we managed to get away with three goals advantage. In the second half, we made a series of planned replacements. They gave an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the international match to all reservists. This circumstance allowed the hostesses to otkvitat two goals. Two matches in Poland have shown that this generation of football players is very talented with us. However, we can only assess the true capabilities of the team in May, when we go to the international tournament in the Czech Republic. There will be really strong rivals. It is possible that in March we will hold a home tournament in the arena, to which we will invite teams from neighboring countries. However, it is still difficult to say anything concrete about this tournament. ”

Recall that the women's team of Belarus (U-15) was formed only this year. Hitherto, no Belarusian team has started its albeit from such an early age. Collecting the best football players in the country at the age of 13-14 was a conscious decision of the federation and it is undoubtedly progressive. In recent years, our women's youth teams (as opposed to the national ones) have demonstrated absolute impotence in the European arena, departing annually in the very first qualifying round. The coaching staff of the new team has at least another 1.5 years to build a strong organized team and prepare it for the battles for passing positions. The first official start this team will take in the fall of 2018 in the framework of the first qualifying round for the European Championship.

Women's football of Belarus. Youth teams. The draw for qualifying rounds of 2012.

On November 15, the draws of the first qualifying round for the European Championships 2012/13 among girls no older than 17 (U-17) and 19 (U-19) years were held at UEFA headquarters in UEFA. The most interesting thing is that the matches of these rounds will be held only in August-October of the next year, but already this year the rivals can look at each other.

A record number of teams will take part in the 2012/2013 European Championship among girls no more than 17 years old: 44 teams will start from the first qualifying round, including the national team of Belarus. Our team got into the 9th qualifying group together with the teams of Ireland, Finland and Georgia. Matches of this stage in our quartet take place from October 1 to October 6, 2012 in Georgia. 11 winners of groups and five teams from the number of runners-up who will have the best results in the fights with the first and third teams of their quartet will qualify for the second qualifying round. Nevertheless, to talk about this perspective in recent years, we are not out of hand. Our youth teams, however, as well as youth, taught us to the worst scenario. In recent years, our teams of these ages are fighting exclusively for third places in groups, often without even taking them. Therefore, to consider opponents in the group does not make sense. We only note that we have been very lucky lately for the teams of Finland and Georgia. The national men's team fell into the same group with the Finns and Georgians, and the national women's team now competes with the Finns in the Euro-selection.

As for the draw of the tournament among girls not older than 19 years, then our team will be confronted by the teams of Norway, Scotland and Turkey. The tournament itself will be held on the Turkish coast in the autumn of next year. Specific dates have not yet been determined. Note that for the first time in recent years, during the draw, our team of 19-year-olds sowed from the last fourth basket. It is the results of the last three years (or rather their absence) that led to such a horrific scenario. And getting out of this pit in the coming year will also be very problematic, as the rivals in the subgroup were not easy. In the second qualifying round, two of the strongest teams of each group will come out, as well as the two best teams from third place, who have the best performance in fights with the leaders of their quartets. The automatic pass to the second qualifying round was received by the teams of Germany, France and England, having the highest UEFA rating.

Women's national team. Results A starting point.

On Thursday, November 24, the women's national team of Belarus held its last match in 2011. "Everything about football" sums up the performance of our girls in the season ended.

It should be noted that an attempt to bring all the statistics for the women's national team into a single table, we are taking for the first time. Let the season of 2011 become in this regard a kind of starting point, from which we will build on the analysis of further successes and failures of the women's national team of Belarus.

1. Friendly match.



PINSK. April 17th "Wave". 200. JUDGE: I.Turovskaya (Belarus).

BELARUS: Botyanovskaya (Kovalchuk 46) - Manzhuk (Vasilyeva 80), Shpak, Shaiko, Urazaeva (Guzarevich 67) - Avkhimovich, Borisenko (Lastochkina 70), Shramok, Tretyakova (Miroshnichenko 85), Buzinova - Lyubenkova (Pilipenko 55).

GOALS: 0: 1 - (20), 0: 2 - (27), 0: 3 - (40), 1: 3 - Tretyakov (60, from the penalty spot), 1: 4 - (77), 1: 5 - (90).

2. Qualifying match for Euro 2018.



YOUTH. 25-th of August. "Urban". 200. JUDGE: F. Yonescu (Romania).

BELARUS: Botyanovskaya, Vasilyeva, Borisenko, Shpak (k), Tatarinova, O. Novikova, Tretyakova (Loginova 62), Aniskovtseva (Khavanskaya 78), Shramok (Buzinova 89), Avkhimovich, Lutskevich.

Spare: Kovalchuk, Astashova, Nizhegorodova, Guzarevich.

ESTONIA: Meetua, L. Emajõe, Jadla, Raadik, Paulus, Loo, Palmaru (k) (Prants 64), Aarna, Zhernosekova, Zlindis, Yunpuu (Sasova 81).

Spare: Laar, Waltz, Sonnberg, Penno, Lambin.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Novikova (31), 2: 0 - Aniskovtseva (45 + 1), 2: 1 - L. Emaye (71).

WARNINGS: Tatarinova (55) - Loo (50), Zlidnis (61).

3. Qualifying match for Euro 2018.



YOUTH. 27th October. "Urban". 2250. JUDGES: R. Daley (Ireland).

BELARUS (4-4-1-1): Botyanovskaya - Urazaeva (Manzhuk 60), Vyshedko, Shpak (k), Borisenko - Tretyakova (Buzunova 46), Tatarinova, Lastochkina (Vasilyeva 81), Avkhimovich - Aniskovtseva - Shramok.

Spare: О.Novikov, Pylypenko, Khovanskaya, Lutskevich.

FINLAND (4-4-2): Korpela - Huyuronen, Westerlund, Saari, Nokso-Koivisto - Tolvanen, Rantanen (k) (Nordlund 69), Kukkonen, Sainio (Puranen 79) - Sellstrøm, Shelund.

Spare: Meriluoto, Suryal, Salman, Talonen, Alanen.

Bare: 0: 1 - Sellstrom (15, pass - Rantanen), 1: 1 - Avkhimovich (42, pass - Shramok), 1: 2 - Sellstrom (50, pass - Tolvanen), 2: 2 - Avkhimovich (51, pass - Aniskovtseva).

WARNINGS: Borisenko (90, unsportsmanlike behavior) - Sainio (78, rough play), Westerlund (90 + 4, unsportsmanlike behavior).

4. Qualifying match for Euro 2018.



Senec. November 19th Training Center SPS. 225. JUDGE: T. Schett (Austria).

SLOVAKIA (4-4-2): Korencheva-Birova, Kolenova, Matysova (k), Voitenkov-Boydova (Shushkova 62), Garshanyova (Bartovichova 84), Ondrushkova, Fetskova (Rybarov 75) - Klehova, Shkorvankova.

Spare: El-Dakhaybiyov, Rybansk, Mravikov, Prachkova.

BELARUS (4-2-3-1): Botyanovskaya - Buzunova, Vyshedko, Shpak (k), Borisenko - Tatarinova, O. Novikova (Lastochkina 65) - Tretyakova (Loginova 60), Aniskovtseva, Avkhimovich (Manzhuk 69) - Shramok.

Spare: S.Novikova, Shaiko, Khavanskaya, Lutskevich.

GOALS: 1: 0 - Boidova (52, pass - Feckov, from the corner), 2: 0 - Klehova (71, pass - Kolenova), 3: 0 - Bartovichova (89, pass - Shkorvankova).

WARNINGS: Kolenova (27) - Shpak (32, both for rough play).

5. Qualifying match for Euro 2018.



SEVASTOPOL. November 24th IC "Sevastopol". 300. JUDGE: E. Reiner (England).

UKRAINE: Baranova (k), Basanskaya, Chernaya, Kotik, Vasilyuk, Pekur, Andruschak, Dyatel (Emelyanova 12; Aleshicheva 46), Romanenko, Apanaschenko, Masalskaya.

BELARUS: Botyanovskaya - Shaiko (Avkhimovich 46), Shpak (k), Vyshedko, Borisenko - Tatarinova, O. Novikova (Lutskevich 90 + 1) - Urazaeva, Lastochkina, Manzhuk (Shramok 68) - Aniskovtseva.

GOALS: 0: 1 - Aniskovtseva (5).

WARNINGS: Shaiko (40), Urazaeva (57, both for rough play).

In 2011, the national team of Belarus held seven matches, two of which with clubs. In addition to the official games, our team played in February with the Turkish Arsenal - 0: 9 and the Norwegian Lillestrom 6: 1 (Borisenko 7, Shramok 29, 55, Lubenka 44, Avhimovich 82, Tretyakov 88-48).

One duel had a friendly status, four - the official one. And the national team of Belarus played in series. First there was a series of three friendly (including games with clubs) matches, and then - from four official fights in the qualifying tournament of the 2018 European Championship. The Belarusian women's national team scored 2 victories, once tied and twice left the field defeated. Moreover, the statistics of games in official matches this year is very attractive for us: + 2 = 1-1. Until July, the national team was headed by Dmitry Shevchuk, and in all official games the team was already led by Tatyana Volkova, who was appointed to this position in August.

In the matches of the national team in 2011, 25 footballers participated. Absolutely in all matches of the national team 5 players took part. These are Inna Botyanovskaya, Oksana Shpak, Yulia Borisenko, Ekaterina Avkhimovich and Tatyana Shramok. These players for our team were really indispensable. In this case, from call to call all 5 matches, as befits the captain, had Oksana Shpak. Ekaterina Avkhimovich and Olga Aniskovtseva became the best scorers of the team with two goals scored. And the latter brought the national team of Belarus victories in the two most important fights of the European selection. Full statistics of each of the involved football players can be seen in the table below.

First Name Last Name Date of Birth Club Games Minutes Goals 1 2 3 4 5
Inna BOTYANOVSKAYA 11.02.1984 Minsk 5 405 -9 45- 90 90 90 90
Ekaterina KOVALCHUK 20.12.1990 FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk, Minsk 1 45 -2 -45
Oksana SHPAK 18.01.1982 Bobruichanka 5 450 90 90 90 90 90
Julia BORISENKO 04.03.1990 Ryazan-Airborne, Russia 5 430 70- 90 90 90 90
Tatyana SHRAMOK 03.08.1982 Legend, Chernigov, Ukraine 5 381 90 89- 90 90 -22
Ekaterina AVHIMOVICH 02.01.1988 Ryazan-Airborne, Russia 5 374 2 90 90 90 69- -45
Anna Tatarinova 07.02.1978 Zhilstroy-1, Kharkov, Ukraine 4 360 90 90 90 90
Olga ANISKOVTSEVA 22.04.1982 SSHVSM-Kairat, Almaty, Kazakhstan 4 348 2 78- 90 90 90
Yana VESHEDKO 06.08.1982 FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk, Minsk 3 270 90 90 90
Irina TRETYAKOVA 05.05.1987 Bobruichanka 4 252 1 85- 62- 45- 60-
Olga NOVIKOVA 09.12.1977 Zorky, Krasnogorsk, Russia 3 245 1 90 65- 90-
Elvira Urazayeva 03.08.1991 FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk, Minsk 3 207 67- 60- 90
Natalya LASTOCHKINA 22.08.1981 Nadezhda-Sedashor-7 4 206 -20 81- -25 90
Olga MANZHUK 01.02.1983 Bobruichanka 4 189 80- -30 -21 68-
Maria BUZUNOVA 19.08.1982 Bobruichanka 2 135 -45 90
Anastasia SHAYKO 03.04.1991 FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk, Minsk 2 135 90 45-
Alina Vasilieva 11.12.1985 Minsk 3 108 -10 90 8
Catherine Lutskevich 11.08.1982 Bobruichanka 2 91 90 -1
Elena BUSINOVA 27.03.1989 Bobruichanka 2 91 90 -1
Tatyana LOGINOVA 10.01.1984 Bobruichanka 2 57 -27 -30
Veronika LYUBENKOVA 16.04.1993 Bobruichanka 1 55 55-
Anna PILIPENKO 25.12.1988 Ryazan-Airborne, Russia 1 35 -35
Marina Gasharev 30.11.1982 Gurnik, Lenno, Poland 1 23 -23
Anastasia Khavanskaya 11.11.1989 Kubanochka, Krasnodar, Russia 1 12 -12
Liana MIROSHNICHENKO 15.12.1988 Minsk 1 5 -5

Women's National Football Team of Belarus. Tatyana VOLKOVA: “The call from the federation took by surprise”

The results of the performance of the national team would not be complete without a detailed interview with the head coach. Tatyana VOLKOVA gladly answered questions from the All-in-Football correspondent.

- Tatiana Vyacheslavovna, first of all, let's look at two away fights of the national team. Matches turned out to be real opposites, both in result and in content. Do you agree?

- Yes, it turned out in practice exactly this way, although this development of events became a real revelation for me. I can not even find an explanation for the failure that happened to us in Slovakia. The girls just came out not ready for the game. Were enslaved and tired. Perhaps, they made organizational failures somewhere. For example, we flew there the day before the match in the early morning, and now I think this is a mistake. In Ukraine, everything was different. We arrived relaxed, with a great attitude to the game. However, even there pressure could not be avoided. To our deep surprise, there were a lot of Belarusians with flags in the stands in Sevastopol. We could not let them down.

- The starting lineup for the match with Ukraine is frank to me surprised First of all, it is the absence of Avkhimovich and Shramok among the first eleven. To release them in the middle of the second half was the original idea?

- You're right. It was a tactical idea. Avkhimovich and Aniskovtseva were the best in the game with Finland and the video of this match probably fell into the hands of the coaching staff of Slovakians and Ukrainians. In the first game, our leaders were completely covered up, because they knew that much depends on them. In the second match I decided to act in a sly manner and held them on the bench. The clerks played at a high level, and after the release of Kati and Tanya, we added significantly. Everything went according to the plan.

- I saw the match, and it seemed to me that the Ukrainian women did not look like the team that should correspond to the level of the second basket. Were you surprised that our southern neighbors were so trivial in organizing attacking actions?

- Each match is a separate story. Specifically, in this game, the Ukrainian women were really not original. They all came up against two high-speed flank midfielders. When one of them "broke" in the 12th minute, there was only one strong flank. From that moment on, they didn’t surprise us. Banal casts and the final bulk, which we easily coped with. And the Ukrainians did not have enough class to crush us with their power.

- Before you left for Slovakia and Ukraine, you said that it would be possible to talk about the chances for a 1-2 place in a group only after two away matches. Now you have seen in the case of all four rivals. It is possible to speculate about the chances ...

- The draw for the qualifying round took place even when I had nothing to do with the national team of Belarus. Then I thought that in such a company our team could take both the first and the last place. Now we have 50% of matches, and the opinion has not changed. Well, if only Estonia has definitely fallen out of the fight for the vouchers. I think that for these 4 matches we took our points and share the first place with Slovakians by right. The stage of 2012 will be decisive and there we should be even stronger and more experienced.

- Until the autumn of this year, you worked exclusively with Bobruichka, in which you also spent part of your playing career. The work of the national team coach has obvious contrasts. In what first of all did you feel the differences?

- So it turns out that in our national team there are also those footballers with whom I went out under the banners of the national team as a player and there are a lot of them. Now I am a coach and need to build relations with these players in a completely different plane. And it really is not easy. This is the first. Secondly, in “Bobruichanka” I work in tandem with Nikolai Kasatkin. He, as a senior comrade, constantly helps, prompts. And here the whole responsibility lies with me. I make any decisions with caution, fearing to make a mistake. Here in Slovakia, perhaps, was mistaken with the starting lineup. Also, the national team coach does not have the ability to follow the daily form of the football players, as it happens in the club, but must clearly determine the best charges for the week. It is not simple.

- Being a player, you acted as a central defender. In all four matches of the national team, under your leadership, the team played with a clear eye for defense. Is there any connection to this?

- I will not say that we have already shown very closed football, but in your words there is still some truth. With protection it all starts. If there is confidence in the defensive redoubts, then attacking actions are easier to build. In general, I build a team game precisely depending on the strength and capabilities of the opponent.

- You have chosen Alexander Lastochkin from Mogilev as an assistant in the national team. What relied primarily on when choosing an assistant in the national team?

- In general, my appointment as head coach was at the level of rumors, so the call from the federation really caught me off guard. I talked with Kasatkin, and he advised not to refuse the offer, for which I am grateful. Honestly, I originally wanted to see other people in my assistants, but as it turned out, they moved away from women's football. Of those professionals who remained to work in this area, Lastochkin is really the best in terms of the totality of qualities. He is an experienced, competent, and most importantly - a fan of his work.

- Football players from the domestic championship and legionerka play in the national team of Belarus. The role of leaders is assumed by the players from the championships of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Is it possible to say that the team is to some extent dependent on the form and condition of the same Aniskovtseva, Shramok, Tatarinova, Avkhimovich?

- The national team is such that all the best players play in it regardless of their club registration. I think that the transition to the next championship for any of our players is an unconditional step forward. There is a completely different level and approach. In any case, changing the situation, adapting to new training conditions make the player stronger, more enduring and he becomes psychologically ready for any challenge. For example, I do not think the championship of Kazakhstan is strong, but the club, for which Aniskovtseva plays, was preparing for the Champions League and I was really counting on it. So she scored two important goals. The same Avkhimovich, Borisenko and Pilipenko spent quite a bit of time in Russia, and I already see completely different people in them. They come to the national team with a clear understanding of their professional status, which obliges them to give all the best in full.

Already that year, the national team has the same tendency: first success then failure. For example, even when Shevchuk the national team plays in a draw in Holland, and then immediately gets 0: 5 from Norway. Then he confidently plays with Slovakians, but in the next match they make 0: 4 home games from the Dutch. So you have 2: 2 houses with Finns, and then guest 0-3 from Slovakia. Is it possible to wait for surprises in Estonia after the victory over Ukraine?

- I want to believe that in Estonia we will put an end to this chain of dependencies. We will try to extract from the thoughts of the players all the negative and adjust the girls to win. After all, if you do not take the three points from Estonia, then there is no sense in fighting anymore.

- The next official matches of the women's team of Belarus are another 7 months. Are there any specific plans for friendly matches and fees in this long term period?

- Yes of course. Starting next week, we will start to call up with foreign colleagues. There are certain contacts with Czechs, Bulgarians and Turks. We also have a favor in front of the Polish national team, with which we must play in its field. I would like to offer sparring to Russian women. I even heard about the interest in us from the Italian national team. We will work on these options. Last year, the national team flew to Turkey, but I did not like the fact that there the team had only one game with a strong opponent. Why go and smash frankly weak teams, if it can be done here?

- An amazing fact: as a player with the Mogilev Nadezhda, you became the silver medalist of the 1991 USSR Championship. Since then, exactly 20 years have passed, and now you are a mentor to the main team of the country. What has changed in the women's football in these twenty years?

- I will not deny that our sport is developing, but everything is known in comparison. Frankly, we all go in slow ways. We are far behind the best European analogues. And most importantly - not enough human resource. Very few girls are involved in professional sports. The same coaches of youth teams have to choose a team of 30 people, and in fact we would like - from 130 people.

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