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National team. First points?

On Saturday, October 26, the women's national team of Belarus will hold the first home match of the qualifying tournament of the 2015 World Championship against Montenegro. The game will be held at the stadium "City" in Molodechno and will begin at 14:00. The match will be served by a female judging team from Greece led by Eleni Lampadariou.

Native penates

The women's national team of Belarus has started its qualifying campaign for the 2015 World Cup, which will be held in Canada, with two away defeats in the British Isles. A month ago, on September 21 and 26, our girls successively lost to the England and Wales teams. And if in the first match against one of the strongest teams in Europe, we hardly hoped for anything, in Cardiff it was not unreasonable to claim points. Lose minimally, with certain chances for overall success. The fate of the three tournament points was decided by a single blow to the Chelsea footballers in London, Helen Ward. There was almost no time left for the girls to strike back. In the upcoming home meeting, we are not unreasonable to expect that the Belarusian national team will finally fall into the tournament piggy bank, and in the maximum amount. I would also like to tighten the difference between scored and missed balls to a decent figure. Montenegro team in this case - the best option of all available. The difference in the class of teams is very significant. We are just waiting for victory!

The Belarusian national team in full force gathered at the Football House on Monday, at 11:00 and several hours later went to Molodechno, where the fight will take place. Up until October 25, the team has scheduled daily classes in the field of the City Stadium. On Friday at 14:00 there will be a pre-match training, on the basis of which the coaching staff will decide who will fall into the number of 18 football players declared for this match, and who will have to watch the game from the podium.

Note that the following players are called to the collection: Svetlana ASTASHYOVA, Inna BOTYANOVSKAYA, Alina VASILIEVA, Anastasia KhARLANOVA, Maria BUZUNOVA, Liana MIROSHNICHENKO, Tatyana KIOSE (all - Minsk), Elvira Urazayeva, Ekaterina KOVALCHUK, Elena SHEVCHUK, Anastasia POPOVA, Yulia SLEZARCHIK, Anastasia LINNIK, Tatyana MARKUSHEVSKAYA (all - Zorka-BDU), Olga MANKHUK (all that - I will be - I will be the only one - I will - I will - (both - Kubanochka, Krasnodar, Russia), Olga SAVOSTYAN, Anna PILIPENKO (both are Mordovochka, Saransk, Russia), Natalia Lastochkina (Nadezhda-Dnepr, Mogilev), Oksana ShPAK (SShVSM-Kairat, Almaty, Kazakhstan), Ekaterina AVHIMOVICH (Airborne Forces, Ryazan, Russia).


Women's national football team Montenegro was founded in 2012, six years after the country gained independence. Debut match in their sovereign history of Montenegrin held March 13 of the same year. Naturally, he wore a comradely status. The rivals included the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first duel ended with the defeat of the Montenegrin with a score of 2: 3, and two days later the same teams painted an effective draw - 1: 1. After a couple of months, the coaching staff reassembled the team under the banner of the assembledth to play the last currently friendly match. On May 15, Albanians came to visit and took away the victory with a score of 4: 2 from Montenegro. At that, the game program of 2012 for the newly formed team was exhausted.

After three test sparring matches for the national team of Montenegro, the time has come for official matches. In the spring of 2018, the games of the preliminary stage of the 2015 World Cup in the second group took Lithuania. In rivalry with the hostess, as well as teams of Georgia and the Faroe Islands, our today's rivals took second place, getting a ticket to the main round of qualification. From 4 to 9 April in three matches, Montenegro never lost, drawing a draw with the Faroe Islands (3: 3) and Lithuania (1: 1) and replayed Georgia (2: 0). It is important to note that Maria Vukchevich scored five of the six goals scored by the team at this tournament. She also scored a goal in each of the three friendly matches of the national team. This player, serving in the team of the second Italian division, is the captain and the undisputed leader of the team. Vukcevic, 26, is the most experienced player on the team, and most partners are younger than her five, seven, and some ten years. In general, the backbone of the team are the players of the local team "The Economist" from Nikshits, who is the champion of the country. A couple of players played in a stronger Serbian championship. At the moment, Montenegro is located on the 80th row of the FIFA ranking between Senegal and Malaysia. Progress from the second to the first hundred happened precisely because of a successful game in Lithuania. Nevertheless, of all the teams participating in the qualification for the 2015 World Cup, Montenegro currently has the lowest rating. The team is trained by a local specialist Zoran Mijovich. When he was a footballer, Mijovich didn’t notice anything remarkable. He is also a mentor and youth (U-17 and U-19) national teams. In August and September, all six matches of the first qualifying round, both Montenegro youth teams under his administration lost with a difference of at least two goals. The first historical match of the main qualification for the World Championships Zoran Miyovich will hold it on the Belarusian land.

Even after the return of our national team from the UK, the head coach of the team Tatyana Volkova, in an interview with the VF correspondent, gave the following setting for the upcoming match:

- With all the teams need to be considered. The Montenegrins, of course, are not as masterful as our previous rivals, but they love to achieve results with the help of provocations. By any means, deduce the enemy from themselves.

First of all, we will prepare the female players psychologically so that they can play in a disciplined way. Otherwise, problems in this match should arise.

Matches played: 21.10. England - BELARUS 6: 0 (Karni 3, 26, 40, White 13, Dowie 60, Aluko 62). 26.09. Wales - BELARUS 1: 0 (Ward 81), England - Turkey 8: 0 (Duggen 2.3, 37, White 30, 39, Aluko 33, 49, Dowie 75).


1. England 2 2 0 0 14-0 6
2. Wales 1 1 0 0 1-0 3
3. Montenegro 0 0 0 0 0-0 0
4. Ukraine 0 0 0 0 0-0 0
5. Belarus 2 0 0 2 0 0-7
6. Turkey 1 0 0 1 0-8 0

BOMBARDERS: E. White, K. Carney, T. Duggen, E. Aluko (all - England) - 3 each.

Upcoming matches: 26.10. England - Wales, BELARUS - Montenegro. 31.10. Montenegro - Ukraine, Turkey - England.

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