How about help

As you understand, I have laid upon myself a rather laborious burden - to cover in full all of Belarusian (and not only) women's football !!!

And in order to successfully cope with my obligations I have to work long and hard!!! I, of course, ready to make these sacrifices, however without your help, I definitely can not do.

I offer you two options for cooperationwhich do not replace, but only complement each other. I hope you will treat with understanding my requests and find time to complete them:


In the first case, I ask you about information assistance for the development of this project.


By virtue of human capabilities, I just physically unable to keep track of all the eventsthat have a place to be in our football life. So if you have any author reports(even if not relevant) reviews, photo materials(from fees, matches, social life, etc.) and other useful information on women's football, I will be very grateful to you if you give it to me for publication.

You, for sure, want a separate section to appear in the near future among the sections of the site. news page from the apartment your football club. Then send me useful materials and their publications will not be long in coming. Ideally, I would like to collaborate with at least one of the representatives each of the nine teams our football league. Write, call and we will definitely find a common language.

  • mobile phone (029) 611-46-37
  • electronic mail [email protected]
  • contact http: // vkontakte (dot) ru / id43070459


Any hobby, even the most interesting, in each individual case takes a certain amount of time and physical strength from a person. As you understand my opportunities in writing useful and interesting articles also not limitless and be free slave to your blog I don't want to.

Any man’s natural desire is for him labor was paid commensurate with the expended forces and energy. And in this case I am by no means an exception! No, do not think that I will now start asking you for money or something like that. I just offer you express my gratitude in a simple form for you, but useful for me.


All that is required of you - this every time you visit a blog click several times on ad units which are vividly visible on all pages of this site. Just do not overwork and don't press to the blocks more than five times a daysince it will not bring me any good.

I’m not making money on the Golden Mountains, but a small increase in scholarships Internet payment and hosting I still dial.

Thank you for understanding!!!

Sincerely, your Andrew Womem Football Machach !!!

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