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History of Women's World Cup

The FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015 will be held for the seventh time. Of course, women are far from the historical intricacies and records of the men's championships of the planet, however, and the beautiful half of humanity in the previous six championships has something to remember.

A place Participants, matches, goals Winners Features of the tournament Interesting Facts
China (1991)

12 teams played 26 matches and scored 99 goals (3.8 goals per match). 1. United States



4. Germany

Bombardier: Akers (USA) - 10 goals

For the first time, football matches along with men were served by female referee brigades. The final match was attended by 65,000 spectators, stars of the tournament: Jenkins, Akers (both - USA), Medalen (Norway).
Sweden (1995)

12 teams played 26 matches and scored 99 goals (3.8 goals per match). 1.Norway

2. Germany



Bombardier: Arnos (Norway) - 6 goals

In addition, 8 trips to the Atlanta Olympics (1996) were played out, 14 women judges were brought to the judging of the tournament. The coaches were allowed to take time-outs in the course of the half-time, the stars of the tournament: Riise, Arons, Espeset (all - Norway).
United States (1999)

16 teams played 32 matches and scored 123 goals (3.8 goals per match) 1.USA




Bombardier: San Wen (China), Sisi (Brazil) - both by 7

For the first time participated and made it to the quarterfinals

The Russian national team, the final match was attended by 90185 spectators - a historical record.

Top 7 teams hit the Sydney Olympics star tournament: Sisi

(Brazil), San Ven (China), Akers (USA), Arons (Norway).

United States (2003)

16 teams played 32 matches and scored 106 goals (3.3 goals per match) 1.Germany




Bombardier: Prince (Germany) - 7 goals

At the tournament, flashed a 17-year-old Martha - the future star of world football, the championship was the triumph of European teams Stars of the tournament: Prince, Meinert (both - Germany), Svensson (Sweden), Katia (Brazil), the sunset of Mia Hamm’s career and San Ven.
China (2007)

16 teams played 32 matches and scored 111 goals (3.4 goals per match) 1.Germany




Bombardier: Marta (Brazil) - 7 goals

Championship matches were visited by 1,190,971 spectators. Germany became the first team to defend the champion title. Stars of the tournament: Martha, Christians (both - Brazil), Prince (Germany), Wombach (USA), Gulbrandsen (Norway).
Germany (2011) 16 teams played 32 matches and scored 88 goals (2, 75 goals per match) 1.Japan




Bombardier: Sawa (Japan) - 5 goals

The Japanese sensationally at the stage ¼ beat (3: 1) the housewives, afterwards winning the title against the Americans in a penalty shootout. For the first time in history, all matches of the tournament were shown live on Eurosport channels. FIFA received unprecedented hitherto proceeds from the sale of rights to television broadcast. Stars of the tournament: Solo (USA), Sava (Japan), Wombach (USA).

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