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Choosing the best of the best together ...

A blog about Belarusian women's football, together with the official website of the Nadezhda ZhFC, decided to choose the best of the best in Belarusian women's football in 2011.

Anyone can leave your vote. For this just click on the banner located just below. In personal nominations, you must select one from the options or enter your own. In team nominations, you can choose one from ten teams of the Belarusian championship, which, in your opinion, corresponds to the stated nomination. We will summarize the results by the end of this year, as a gift for the New Year. Now we, as in men's football, will be leaders in numerous nominations. Know, every opinion is important to us.


Open International futsal tournament among girls' teams born in 1997-1998.
December 25–27, 2011, Rechitsa, Gomel region
For questions contact the contact phone
Marievsky Sergey Vladimirovich

Summing up the survey

And so, at the very beginning of the football season, I asked you a question: Who will become the champion of the country in 2011? As the answer options were given the most likely contenders for victory.

As a result of several months of voting 389 people expressed their opinion.

Absolute majority 34% (134 people) absolutely correctly predicted the champion of the country in the face of "Bobruisk".

28% (107 people) believed that their first championship in history will be able to write into their account "Zorka-BDU", but they were wrong. There were also those who believed in the chances of other teams for gold; however, as you understand, they had practically no chance of being right.

These 38% of respondents rather wanted to somehow increase the rating of their club. Well, they succeeded. This survey is closed due to irrelevance and started a new one.

You wait ...

Dear friends, I have here in my arms on the waiting list hang two more large flocks at the end of the championship. Interviews N.F. Kasatkina, complete statistical data and digital results, as well as two symbolic national teams of the championship. But with the time free, I have a complete bastard, so please have patience. I think in the first days of next week I will be able to please you with these materials. It is painfully busy ... Thanks in advance!

Sometimes you have to be sick too

Dear readers and readers, you probably almost every day enroll on the site in search of new articles on the past round of the championship and the upcoming match against Estonia. Unfortunately, in the near future I do not have the physical ability to transfer all relevant information to you. Some people know that I have problems with my knee - it constantly pops up. Not long ago, he went to the operation to restore the torn anterior cruciate ligament, resect both menisci and restore the cartilage of the femur. Now only the first weeks of recovery. I am wrapped up in an orthosis and walk on crutches at home from corner to corner. Therefore, not aware of any news of women's football. And I would not like to travel on crutches. It is unlikely that the administrators and coaches of the national team would want to see a disabled person with crutches on board the team bus. I'll have to miss all these events .... We hope for the best ... Thank you for your understanding ...

Perhaps someone has the opportunity to take me with me in Molodechno on a personal car? I would be very grateful! The phone is always available (029) 611-46-37

11 days without women's football ...

Dear readers and readers, my sat is taking a short vacation. I’m forced to inform you that until August 3 you will have to follow women's football in the country without my help. I'm leaving for a well-deserved rest beyond the blue-eyed. Buy “Everything about football” - there the guys will write protocols, but without the text, because nobody else understands this topic except me. See you!
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