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So we waited! On Saturday, June 16, with the match against the Estonian national team, the women's national team of Belarus will discover the second round qualifying round of the European Championship 2018 in qualifying group 5. The match will take place in the city of Otepää and will begin at 15:00 Belarusian time.

In preparation for the official June matches, the Belarus national team held three gatherings. In February and April, the footballers trained in Turkey, and most recently made a voyage to Russian Ryazan, where they held a control sparring with the Russian team (0: 2). On Sunday, the team gathered for the final home gathering. The head coach of the team Tatyana Volkova called 22 footballers gather, but only 20 players will go to Estonia.



Inna BOTYANOVSKAYA 11.02.1984 Minsk
Svetlana Novikova 20.10.1970 Bobruichanka
Maria Dashkovskaya 16.09.1985 Bobruichanka


Yana VESHEDKO 06.08.1982 Bobruichanka
Anastasia SHAYKO 03.04.1991 FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk
Julia BORISENKO 04.03.1990 Ryazan-Airborne Forces, Ryazan, Russia
Maria BUZUNOVA 18.01.1982 Bobruichanka
Catherine Lutskevich 11.08.1982 Bobruichanka
Anastasia HEAR 03.02.1991 Minsk
Oksana SHPAK 18.01.1982 SSHVSM-Kairat, Altamy, Kazakhstan


Ekaterina AVHIMOVICH 02.01.1988 Ryazan-Airborne Forces, Ryazan, Russia
Olga MANZHUK 01.02.1983 Bobruichanka
Elvira Urazayeva 03.08.1991 FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk
Liana MIROSHNICHENKO 15.12.1988 Minsk
Olga DAVYDOVICH 22.08.1984 Bobruichanka
Natalya LASTOCHKINA 22.08.1981 Nadezhda-Sedashor-7
Anastasia HARLANOVA 22.10.1992 Gomel-SDUSHOR-8
Anna Tatarinova 07.03.1978 Zhilstroy-1, Kharkov, Ukraine
Anastasia Khavanskaya 11.11.1989 Kubanochka, Krasnodar, Russia


Olga ANISKOVTSEVA 22.04.1982 SSHVSM-Kairat, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Irina TRETYAKOVA 05.05.1987 SSHVSM-Kairat, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tatyana SHRAMOK 03.08.1982 Minsk
Head coach: Tatyana VOLKOVA (09.09.1972)

Yesterday the team passed the medical examination and held the first training session at the Tractor stadium. In the two-time training mode, Belarusians will work until Wednesday. On Thursday, June 14, departure to Estonia is scheduled. According to the words, the head coach of the team, Tatiana Volkova, she managed to summon all the strongest to gather.

And now a few words about the opponent, whose presentation in an extended format, we carried out even before the first meeting of the teams in August last year. As before, Estonians are in the eighth decade of the world rating (72nd position), but there are certain prerequisites for the coming transition to a new level. The English coach Kate Boanas has been working with the team for several years now. He has a very solid reputation in the field of women's football at home. In the current selection, the Englishman bets on young football players who have barely stepped over a twenty-year mark. So, all 5 matches of the national team of Estonia in the selection held at once 5 football players who are not 23 years old. Recently, Estonians have established a solid vertical championship at several ages: Meistri Liga, EsiLiga, II-League.

However, all this has not yet affected the results of the national team. Estonia is the uncontested outsider of our qualifying group. Only one thing is alarming. The greatest chances of winning points Estonians had it in August in Molodechno. Recall, then in a very nervous match, Belarusians were stronger with a score of 2: 1. Therefore, you need to take your opponent seriously. The hostess will cling to any chance to win the first points in the qualification. In addition to the match against the Belarusian Estonian fit in high spirits. Last weekend, the team won the Baltic Cup among women's teams, where the rink went through rivals from Lithuania and Latvia - 3: 0 and 6: 0, respectively.

We note that the day after the match in Estonia, our team will go to Helsinki, where already on June 20 they will face off against the leaders of the subgroup - the Finnish national team. Announcement of this match, read the next issue of "VF".

Group 5

And in N P M O

1. Finland 4 3 1 0 11-2 10

2. Slovakia 5 2 1 2 6-4 7

3. Belarus 4 2 1 1 5-6 7

4. Ukraine 4 2 1 1 9-2 7

5.Estonia 5 0 0 5 3-20 0

Remaining matches: 16.06. Ukraine - Finland. Estonia - Belarus. 20.06. Slovakia - Ukraine, Finland - Belarus. 25.08. Estonia - Slovakia. September 15, Estonia - Finland, Belarus - Ukraine. 19.09. Belarus - Slovakia, Finland - Ukraine.


The women's national team of Belarus completed a short-term gathering program in the Russian city of Ryazan. As planned, there Tatyana Volkova wards faced up against the Russian national team.

The match, which took place on May 24 at the local Olympian stadium, aroused very serious interest from local football fans, having gathered a substantial audience of 4,200 spectators. The very same game expectedly ended in favor of the hostesses - 2: 0. Goals scored in the middle of each half.

Russian women in the FIFA rankings 19 positions above us confirmed their favorite status, but their advantage was not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. Our football players did not sit out on the defensive, and often carried out very dangerous raids to the gate Slaschynina. In one of these moments, Avkhimovich, who plays for the local team Ryazan-VDV, was obliged to score, but let it down.

It should be noted that the composition of the national team of Belarus in this match was close to optimal, but it’s impossible to call it a reference because of the absence of the best Belarus football player of 2011, Olga Aniskovtseva, and the key player of the center line, Anna Tatarinova. Both players missed the match due to minor injuries received in games for clubs.


RYAZAN. May 24th "Olympian". 4200.

RUSSIA: Slashchinina, Suslova (Kozhnikova 57), Medved (Pertseva 67), Tsybutovich (Utickikh 65), Terekhova, Kostyukova, Danilova, Mashina (Dyachkova 67), Rodionova (Cholovyago 46), Morozova (Shlyapina 57), Sachneva (Petrova 54).

BELARUS: Botyanovskaya, Avkhimovich (Miroshnichenko 74), Borisenko (Urazaeva 66), Buzunova (Khavanskaya 66), Kioso (Tretyakova 62), Kharlanova, Lastochkina (Shaiko 82), Lutskevich, Shpak, Shramok, Vyyshko (Aud. 77).

GOALS: 1: 0 - Lutskevich (23-C / V), 2: 0 - Kozhnikova (67).

We asked Tatyana Volkova, the head coach of the team, to comment on the results of the meeting:

- Very pleased with the five days. Especially the fact that they managed to play a friendly match with a strong Russian team. Our eastern neighbors are now in prominent roles in European women's football, and for many of our girls this match was an invaluable reward. It was possible once again to see the candidates for the national team from among the players, participating in the national championship of the country. The game practice provided to all but the reserve goalkeeper.

All football players worked at the limit of their abilities, with maximum dedication. I liked the game performed by a pair of young midfielders from the central axis. I believe that Kioso and Kharlanova is the future of the national team. The match showed that the team is well prepared at the moment. By the official match against Estonia, Tatarinova and Aniskovtseva will be restored. Before leaving for Otepaya, we will still have the opportunity to eliminate the last rough spots in the game.


Three female national teams of Belarus are holding scheduled fees this week. The goals, objectives and program of each of the teams are different, why dwell on each of the three teams.

The youngest (U-15) national team of Belarus (head coach - Yuri Raskolko) from May 18 to 25 holds a training camp at the sports complex "Stayki". Instead, it was previously planned to participate in a representative tournament in the Czech Republic, but it was canceled. During the collection is planned to hold one sparring. On May 23, even younger football players from the Minsk football club born in 1999 will become rivals of young football players. It should be noted that the team gathered in a very truncated composition, as the strongest girls of this team born in 1997 were called to the senior team for the away tournament in Lithuania, which you can read about below. In such conditions, the coaching staff of the team immediately called 6 newcomers, who during this week will try to establish themselves in the best possible way.

The girls' team no older than 17 years old, led by Svetlana Khrapovitskaya, will hold the first (preparatory) part of the camp in Minsk until May 26. And after that the team will have a two-day competitive program. On May 27-28, the Belarusian women's national team (U-17) will take part in a short-term tournament in Lithuania. The tournament starts immediately from the semifinals, where our compatriots will face Estonian. A few hours later, the second ticket to the final will be challenged by the hosts of the tournament and the national team of Latvia. Accordingly, the next day the matches for the third and first places will be held.

The collection of the national team of Belarus (head coach - Tatiana Volkova) does fit into the five-day period, however, this does not lose its importance. The collection will be the last before the official match with the national team of Estonia, which will be held on June 16 in the city of Otepää. Yesterday the national team of Belarus in the usual composition gathered at the House of Football and on the same day took a bus to the Russian city of Ryazan. It was there that on May 24 our team would face off with the Russian national team. And the next day, the national team of Belarus will return to Minsk and the players will begin training in the composition of their teams.

WOMEN'S NATIONAL TEAM OF BELARUS FOR FOOTBALL. The second Turkish collection 2012.

The women's national team of Belarus finished the program of the Turkish gathering with a friendly match with the Norwegian FBHC Voss team.

Throughout the match, our team dominated, but realized its advantage only once. Goal scored by Tatiana Shramok.

BELARUS: Botyanovskaya, Shpak (k), Vyshedko, Buzunova, Borisenko, Lastochkina, Tatarinova, Kharlanova, Avkhimovich, Tretyakova, Shramok. (Substitutes: Vasilyeva, Slysh, Denisenko, Kioso, Miroshnichenko, Havanskaya, Manzhuk).

In fairness, we note that the national team of Belarus had to beat rivals with a bigger score. The ball hit the skeleton of the Norwegian goal at least three times, but flew off not into the net, but back. We asked Tatyana Volkova, the head coach of the Belarusian national team, to sum up the results of the entire gathering:

- Once again, managed to see potential candidates for the national team of the country. Debutants left a very good impression. It's nice that we have a certain reserve. All girls have a chance to be called for the next official matches of the national team, but their form in the championship games will play a decisive role. I will carefully monitor all candidates.

- After a three-year break, Tatiana Kioso has been invited to the national team, who has been healing her knee all this time. Is this a kind of advance?

- I really wanted to see her in action. The level of the game is good, but in every movement it feels some fear. Fear of re-injury is present. She needs to overcome this fear as quickly as possible. I believe that she is already able to reach the former level. In the near future, Kioso should become one of the leaders of Zorki-BDU.

Meanwhile, as part of the qualifying tournament of the European Championship 2018 in the qualifying group 5, where our team is playing, three major matches were played at once.

The Finnish national team beat the Slovakian national team twice (at home and away), and the Ukrainian women got through with the one-off outsider of the Estonian team without any problems - 5: 0. Thus, in our group the sole leader was determined, who most likely will remain in his place until the end of the selection. But for the second ticket to the playoff round there will be a serious struggle. Belarus in a dispute with Slovakia and Ukraine has a slight advantage. First of all, the Slovakians played one game more. Secondly, the Ukrainian women have already played both matches with an outsider in the group. Thirdly, our team will complete the qualifying round with paired matches with Ukraine and Slovakia in their field. In the meantime, we will live on waiting for a match in Estonia, from where our compatriots need to take away three points from their nose and preferably without hassle. Head coach of the national team of Belarus Tatyana Volkova expressed her view on the situation in the qualifying group 5 for us:

- The Finns beat the Slovakian national team twice, but I would not say that they were stronger than their opponents. I attended the second game and I can say that the rivals were worthy of each other. How profitable are these results for us? I do not even know. First of all, our chances for the playoffs depend on us, not on our opponents. If we win Ukraine and Slovakia at home, then the results of the matches between the rivals will practically not interest us. All in our hands.

31.03. Slovakia - Finland 0: 1 (Kolenova with / in, 90 + 2). 05.04. Ukraine - Estonia 5: 0 (Apanaschenko 18, 28, 70, Pekur 30, Black 33), Finland - Slovakia 2: 0 (Alanen 24, Tolvanen 90 + 1).


1. Finland 4 3 1 0 11-2 10

2. Slovakia 5 2 1 2 6-4 7

3. Belarus 4 2 1 1 5-6 7

4. Ukraine 4 2 1 1 9-2 7

5.Estonia 5 0 0 5 3-20 0

Remaining matches: 16.06. Ukraine - Finland. Estonia - Belarus. 20.06. Slovakia - Ukraine, Finland - Belarus. 25.08. Estonia - Slovakia. 15.09. Estonia - Finland, Belarus - Ukraine. 19.09. Belarus - Slovakia, Finland - Ukraine.


Last week, the national team of Belarus consisting of 21 people in transit through Istanbul went to the Turkish Antalya.

On the second inter-season collection caused by: Inna Botyanovskaya Anastasia Malakhov, Tatiana Shramok Irina Tretyakova, Oksana Shpak, Olga Aniskovtseva Anna Tatarinov, Anna Denisenko, Anastasia Havanskaya Natalia Swallow, Catherine Avkhimovich Yulia Borisenko Olga Manzhuk Maria Buzunova Catherine Lutskevich Anastasia Harlanova Tatiana Kiyoshi , Alina Vasilyeva, Liana Miroshnichenko, Yana Vyshedko, Anastasia Slysh.

Attention attracts a call to the national team of the best players of the 2009 country championship Tatiana Kioso. More than two and a half years, the girl did not participate in official matchesstruggling with a knee injury. Only by the beginning of this season, the midfielder was able to heal the sore. The player took part in two international sparring "Zorki-BDU" and immediately received a call to the main team of the country. For the first time under the banners of the national team goalkeeper Anastasia Malakhova and defender Anastasia Slush are called.

March 30, our team held the first sparring. Was The team of the local championship “Ataşehir Belediyespor” was defeated - 2: 0 (Shramok, Kioso).

BELARUS: Botyanovskaya, Shpak (k), Vyshedko, Lutskevich, Borisenko, Lastochkina, Tatarinova, Kharlanova, Miroshnichenko, Tretyakova, Shramok. The replacement went: Vasilyeva, Slysh, Avkhimovich, Denisenko, Kioso, Manzhuk, Havanskaya.

At the opening minutes of the match, our footballers were noticeably nervous, which allowed the hostesses of the field to create a lot of danger at the gate of Botyanovskaya. Ten minutes later, the Belarusians gathered and did not lose the initiative from their own hands. Of the many scoring chances were implemented two. Yesterday the national team of Belarus held a second sparring, but it ended after signing the issue in print.

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