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“Minsk-BSPU” - a daring newcomer to the female football elite

The past women's football championship can be called truly revolutionary. Exactly 2009 championship was a record number of participants, gathering under his banner 9 teams from 8 cities. Read the rest of the entry »

The composition and statistics of "Minsk women-BSPU" in the 2009 season

All matches of the team in the championship of Belarus 2009:

1 lap - Minsk-BSPU (Mn) - University (W) 1: 5, Nadezhda (Mg) - Minsk-BGPU (Mn) 0: 0, Minsk-BSPU (Mn) - SDUSHOR (Gomel) 3: 0, Bobruichanka - Minsk- BSPU (Mn) 3: 0, Minsk-BGPU (Mn) - Molodechno0: 0, Zorka-BDU - Minsk-BGPU (Mn) 2: 0, Victoria-86 (Br) - Minsk-BGPU (Mn) 1: 0, Minsk-BSPU (Mn) - Victoria (Voronovo) 3: 0 Read the rest of the entry »

Report on the performance of “Minsk-BSPU” in the championship of Belarus in 2009

Team building began since September 2008. The composition included the footballers of the Republican Center for Social and Political Studies of the Belarusian State University for Football, who entered the Belarusian State Pedagogical University. From December 1, 2008, the team began to prepare to participate in the championship of Belarus. From December 1 to October 31 was held: Read the rest of the entry »

Review of the Games of the VGPU - BSPU them. M.TANKA

More recently, we have witnessed a grand sports festival hosted by the University on the occasion of the official opening of the internal Olympics among faculties. And today (after only 2 weeks), first team of the university went to the start of the competition already nationwide level. The honor of the opening of the Universiade fell to women's football, and after the first week of tournament battles, we are entitled to significant points replenishment в Read the rest of the entry »

Business card of the football club "Minsk-BSPU"


Women's Championship football countries 2009 can be called truly revolutionarybecause it was this year that its framework expanded to record number of participants - nine. To the already familiar representatives of the strongest division joined the squad under the bright name “Minsk woman-BSPU”. The newly-formed team immediately announced its high ambitions, confidently entrenched in the middle of the standings in the first year of its existence. Is this not a reason to get acquainted with a cheeky newcomer? Read the rest of the entry »

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