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New "stub" Niva-Belkard. Fashionable, stylish, comfortable, sexy ...

The football team "Niva-Belkard" at the cup match against "Minsk" appeared in front of the camera of local photographer Viktor Boschuk in all its glory. I just had no right not to pay attention to their gorgeous tracksuits from the company UhlSport. Please rate. I really liked it.

“Group Dances” - Staging of the Grodno Football Theater
“The leg was pulled” - performed by Olga Pavlyut
"Pens on the belt" - the interpretation of Masha Kosozubova
"Exercises with the ball" - shows Nastyona Nalyvayko
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The final evening in the Belarusian women's football 2011. Wide resonance in a narrow circle.

On December 20, a solemn evening took place in Mogilev in the entertainment complex “League”, which was devoted to summing up the results of the 2011 season in Belarusian women's football. The initiators and main sponsors of the ceremony were the "Mogilev City Sports School-7" and the association "Belarusian Football Federation".

It should be noted that such a large-scale ceremony of awarding the season's winners in Belarusian women's football was held for the first time. The main tasks of the event in his opening remarks were outlined by the initiator of the evening, the head coach of the Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7 team in Mogilev, Alexander Lastochkin: “We organized this evening so that Belarusian women's football would really attract attention. We want to show that our sport not only exists, but also develops tirelessly. First of all, I appeal to the media present here. I would like to see more often articles and materials about women's football in the Internet space and in the pages of newspapers. Only by joint efforts will we be able to promote this wonderful sport to the masses. ”

Then the first deputy chairman of the association “Belarusian Football Federation” Sergei Safaryan took the floor. In his speech, there were very encouraging words regarding the further fate of both Mogilev football teams: “... Today we held a meeting with the mayor of the city on the problems of the Mogilev teams: Dnipro and Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7. After this conversation, there was confidence that in the next football season, both teams will receive substantial material support ... ".

Then the official part of the event took place, in which the leaders and head coaches of the teams were alternately invited to the microphone to award the winners in team and individual nominations.

Thus, in the late afternoon, all winners of the 2011 season became known. We present them to your attention:

"The most productive team" - "Bobruichanka" (Bobruisk).
“For the will to win” - “Zorka-BDU” (Minsk).
“Thunder of authority” - “Victoria-86” (Brest).
“One for all and all for one” - “Niva-Belkard” (Grodno).
"The most correct team" - "Victoria-86".
“For beautiful football” - “Bobruichanka”.
“Prize of spectator sympathies” - “Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7” (Mogilyov).
"Top scorer" - Diana Tropnikova (Zorka-BDU).
"Young and promising" - Anastasia Kharlanova (Gomel-SDUSHOR-8).
"An experienced leader" - Lastochkina Natalya (Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7).
“Football Grace” - Tatyana Loginova (Bobruichanka).
“The Best Legionnaire” - Olga Aniskovtseva (ShVSM-Kairat, Kazakhstan).
"The best goalkeeper" - Inan Botyanovskaya (Minsk).
“The best defender” - Shpak Oksana (Bobruichanka-ShVSM-Kairat, Kazakhstan).
"The best midfielder" - Lastochkina Natalia (Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7).
"The best forward" - Kozyupa Anna (Victoria-86).
“The best football player of the championship of Belarus” - Shpak Oksana (Bobruichanka-SHVSM-Kairat, Kazakhstan).
“The Best Footballer of Belarus” - Olga Aniskovtseva (ShVSM-Kairat, Kazakhstan).

Note that the largest bouquet of awards, as it should be according to status, was gathered by the champion of the country, the Bobruichanka football club. Representatives of the club represented by director Nikolay Kasatkin, head coach Tatyana Volkova and midfielder Tatyana Loginova left to receive congratulations five times.

Unfortunately, the evening could not attend the two main characters of the season ended - Oksana Shpak and Olga Aniskovtseva. The owners of the most prestigious nominations, announced on December 8 at the closing ceremony of the football season “Golden Ball”, just a few days ago went to a recovery camp in Turkey as part of the Kazakhstani ShVSM-Kairat.

And so, the next women's football season has become part of the story. He was very rich. Up to the last rounds, the fate of gold medals in the domestic championship was not clear, the national team of Belarus showed a remarkable result in the first round of the European Championship 2018 qualification, and Bobruichanka presented the country in a worthy way in the strongest club tournament of the Old World. However, after a few months the girls will return to the football field again to play the first trophy in 2012. The match for the Super Cup of Belarus promises to be hot!

All photos by: Sergey Ilyonya

At the end of the article get a link to the video:

Solemn closing ceremony of the women's football season through the eyes of Mogilev TV

New point on the women's football map of Belarus

In May 2011, a team of young football players appeared in the structure of the Shakhtar football club, which coach Oleg Nikolayevich Shatov smilingly calls “Shakhterochka”.

The squad has already taken 3rd place in the championship of the Minsk region. Emotional, funny, fair, bold and, nevertheless, friendly - they are very proud of their hobbies and are easily ready to challenge men's teams. Young football players are belligerent and in their dreams - to become stars and win the Champions Cup.

Minsk school football league in full swing ...

Throughout the whole last week, at the artificial field belonging to the Secondary School No. 180, the competitions of the Minsk City School Football League 2011 draw were held (and will continue until Tuesday). This tournament is included in the calendar of the 65th Minsk City Games of schoolchildren. Girls of not older than 1996 and not younger than 1999 may participate.

This year, the city panel of judges decided that it would be the prefabricated districts of Minsk that would compete, and not the schools that took the first two places in similar competitions at the district level. Throughout the school year, district youth clubs selected and trained girls to represent their administrative unit in citywide competitions.

As a result, all 9 districts of Minsk came out at the start of the tournament. The format of the competition provides for a one-round one-to-one tournament. Accordingly, the winners and outsiders are determined by the most points scored in 9 game rounds. All players from among the championship winners will be issued classification books with the assignment of the 2nd adult level in football.

By the time of writing this material, 6 game days have already been completed and their favorites and potential outsiders of the championship have been determined. I present to your attention all the results of matches played:

1 round. 05.05. 2011 (Thursday)

Leninsky district - October district 3:0

Central district - Guerrilla district 1:0

Frunzensky district - Sovetsky district 3:0

Moscow district - Pervomaysky district 4:0

Round 2 05/06/2011 (Friday)

Factory district - October district 0:0

Leninsky district - Soviet district 2:0

Central district - Pervomaisky district 1:2

Frunzensky district - Moscow district 0:3

Round 3 05/10/2011 (Tuesday)

Zavodskoy district - Partizansky district 5:0

October district - Soviet district 0:0

Leninsky district - Moscow district 0:2

Central district - Frunze district 1:1

Round 4 05/11/2011 (Wednesday)

Factory-n - Soviet-n 2:0

Partizansky district - Pervomaysky district 1:3

October district - Moscow district 0:6

Leninsky district - Central district 0:1

Round 5 05/12/2011 (Thursday)

Zavodskoy district - Pervomaysky district 1:2

Sovetsky district - Moscow district 1:4

Guerrilla district - Frunze district 0:4

October district - Central district 0:0

Round 6 05/13/2011 (Friday)

Zavodskoy district - Moscow district 0:3

Pervomaisky district - Frunze district 3:1

Sovetsky district - Central district 0:1

Partizansky district - Leninsky district 0:3

The current standings are as follows:

Teams Games Won Draws Played Goals Glasses
1. Moscow 6 6 0 0 22-1 18
2. May Day 5 4 0 1 10-8 12
3. Central 6 3 2 1 5-3 11
4. Leninsky 5 3 0 2 8-3 9
5. Factory 5 2 1 2 8-5 7
6. Frunze 5 2 1 2 9-7 7
7. October 5 0 3 2 0-9 3
8. Soviet 6 0 1 5 1-12 1
9. Partisan 5 0 0 5 1-16 0

Thus, after 6 days of play, a clear picture emerges in the championship. For example, young female football players of the Moscow region can be called the only alternative winners., who beat their rivals in all six games. There is a premonition that, in the two meetings that ended up, they will score maximum points.

And the thing is that the Moscow district has at its disposal a number of football players who are, in my opinion, the best at their age in the entire country. The team is played by 3 players of the junior national team of Belarus of the last convocation (born 1997-1998 - Daria Stezhko, etc.). A few other players are pupils of the RCOP-BSU and are attracted by Svetlana Khrapovitskaya to the national team of Belarus born in 1995-1996 (Anastasia Kirpichnikova, for example). And Elena Kushner (born in 1996) is also the main player of the strongest double in the country - Zorki-BDU. That is, the people in this team are by no means random.

But in the rest of the prefabricated areas are collected in the bulk of the girls who have no idea about this BIG football. However, in almost every team there are players who have been involved in or have ever been involved in sports schools of sports school No. 5, Motor, etc. For example, several players from the back-up team of FC Minsk play for the team of the Leninsky district. And the leader of this team, Karina Mazur, is a player of the Belarusian national team born in 1995-1996 and one of the leaders in the double of Minsk.

I can not mention about Pervomaysky district. This team was actually assembled piece by piece and was trained by your obedient servant Makhnach Andrey for almost two years. My wards in the first game collapsed in front of a strong Moscow district, and in the next 4 games on their veins, due to their moral-volitional qualities and dedication, they pulled out labor victories. The rest of the teams also have “with the concept” players, but, unfortunately, there are not as many of them as we would like.

In fact, the fate of gold is already 99% resolved. But the fight for 2-3 places will unfold over the remaining three rounds. The situation is quite complicated, but I consider my team as the leaders of the Pervomaisky district and the Leninsky district as favorites. On Saturday at 12:00 the teams meet each other. In fact, the winner of the meeting will secure 70% silver. However, even in the event of a victory, the Leninsky district still has to meet with strong middle peasants - the Frunze and Zavodskoy districts. But my girls after a full-time confrontation with rivals from the Leninsky district will face only two outsiders - the October and Soviet districts. In addition, Zavodskaya and Frunzensky districts will fight each other tomorrow - the loser in this pair will lose all chances for medals. A draw will not suit both teams, as it will also leave both teams only ghostly chances for even bronze.

Remaining matches:

Round 7 05/14/2011 (Saturday)

10:00 Factory District - Frunzensky District

11:00 Moscow district - Central district

12:00 Pervomaisky district - Leninsky district

13:00 Guerrilla district - October district

Round 8 05/16/2011 (Monday)

14:00 Zavodskoy district - Central district

15:00 Frunzensky district - Leninsky district

16:00 Pervomaysky district - October district

17:00 Sovetsky district - Guerrilla district

Round 9 05/17/2011 (Tuesday)

14:00 Zavodskoy district - Leninsky district

15:00 Frunzensky district - October district

16:00 Moscow district - Partizansky district

17:00 Pervomaisky district - Soviet district

I invite everyone to the remaining games of the tournament. Address: Rainbow, 8/1. However, it is better to focus on the “Neighbors” supermarket, which is located across the street opposite the “House of Football” and the administrative center of FC “Minsk”. The field is located behind the supermarket two hundred meters to the right.

Miss Football Belarus - girls at the start!

Achtung! Achtung! Achtung! The world's first women's football blog announces the start of a grand contest

“Miss Football Belarus 2011 ″

Our task is:

To reveal the most charming, friendly and attractive football player of our country. Note that we do not aim to assess the career achievements of a player in comparison with opponents. we we estimate only external data of girls and on the basis of our own feelings, we make a choice in favor of the most liked ladies. If you are personally acquainted with our contestants, then make your choice also taking into account the human qualities of the girlssuch as kindness, sociability, courage, openness, honesty, willingness to help, etc.

Terms and Conditions:

The competition will be held in two stages. In the first stage will participate 18 girls, whose photos, profiles and short dossier you will see below. The length of this stage is 20 days. Based by direct secret ballot, we will identify 5 (or more) finalists who will get the most votes! Each visitor can choose three favorites, but only once.

In the second final stage will participate 5 (or more) girls who have collected the largest number of reader votes. The final decision on the choice of the first, second and third places will be made by the High Jury, whose composition I still keep in secret. I can only say one thing: in his will include only men directly related to the field of women's football.

Prizes and awards:

There are only the first ideas of how to award the prize-winners and the winner. Absolutely I can only say one thing: the rewards will be both material and spiritual. What exactly? Find out at the end of the competition ...

Fans to criticize:

Once again I remind you that any data, results and results that will appear during the competition, are subjective data of the site and they in no way claim to be the title of a certain common truthwhich applies to everyone and everyone. The competition is held on the personal enthusiasm of the author of the blog, and if someone my ideas or actions seem unfair, then you can say about it. I am sure we will find solutions to the problem!

And so, we have someone proud! Here they are, our contestants (maximum you can put 3 checkboxes for three girls):

Miss Football Belarus 2011?

View Results

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№1 Tatiana Kioso

(Tatyana's profile + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 31/03/1990 (20)
  • Football Club: FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • Club: UEFA Women's Champions League (First qualifying round)
    009/04/08: University 1-1 Zurich
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship (First qualifying round)
    09/26/06: Finland 4-1 Belarus

№2 Catherine Yoshchik

(Additional photos of Catherine)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 05.08.90 (20)
  • Football Club: Bobruichanka
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

№3 Polina Dubovik

(Polina's profile + photo)

  • Position: Defender
  • Date of birth (age): 02.11.94 (16)
  • Football club:University
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship (First qualifying round)
    09.11.10: Norway 8-0 Belarus

№4 Alexandra Sokol

(Alexandra's profile + photo)

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Date of birth (age): 25/02/1992 (18)
  • Football Club: FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • National team: European Women’s Under-17 Championship (First qualifying round)
    11/07/07: Belarus 0 - 12 Spain

№5 Natalia Lunina

(Natalia's profile + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 07/14/93 (17)
  • Football Club: University
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

№6 Oksana Shpak

(Additional photos of Oksana)

  • Position: Defender
  • Date of birth (age): 18/01/1982 (29)
  • Football Club: Bobruichanka
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • Club: UEFA Women's Champions League (Final tournament - Group stage) 20.09.01: Bobruichanka 4-1 Endraht
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Championship (Qualifying round) 08/11/99: Belarus 4-1 Estonia

№7 Liana Miroshnichenko

(Additional photos of Liana)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 15/12/1988 (22)
  • Football Club: Victoria 86
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship (First qualifying round) 10/06/05: Finland 14-0 Belarus

№8 Catherine Miklashevich

(Catherine's profile + photo)

  • Position: Forward, Defender
  • Date of birth (age): 25/01/1992 (18)
  • Football Club: Minsk
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-17 Championship (First qualifying round) 11/05/07: Italy 6-2 Belarus

9 Julia Lys

(Profile of Julia + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 25/03/1991 (19)
  • Football Club: Molodechno
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • Club: UEFA Women’s Cup (First qualifying round) 08/09/07: University 4 - 0 PAOK
  • National team: European Women’s Under-17 Championship (First qualifying round) 11/05/07: Italy 6 - 2 Belarus

№10 Evgenia Legchenkova

(Form Eugenia + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 08/24/89 (21)
  • Football Club: Gomel-SDUSHOR-8
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

№11 Anastasia Kozel

(Anastasia profile + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 10/22/1992 (18)
  • Football Club: Gomel-SDUSHOR-8
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-17 Championship (First qualifying round) 10/18/08: Switzerland 6-0 Belarus

Valeria, 12, Karachi

(Questionnaire Valeria + photo)

  • Position: Defender
  • Date of birth (age): 14/04/1994 (16)
  • Football Club: Molodechno
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-17 Championship (First qualifying round) 03/10/10: Netherlands 3-0 Belarus

№13 Svetlana Zinedinova

(Additional photos of Svetlana)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 04.16.83 (27)
  • Football Club: Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

№14 Catherine Dechtyarenko

(Catherine's profile + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 06/23/93 (17)
  • Football Club: Victoria
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

№15 Anastasia Dergeleva

(Anastasia profile + photo)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 09/04/92 (18)
  • Football Club: Gomel-SDUSHOR-8
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

# 16 Yana Voinovich

(Additional photos of Yana)

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Date of birth (age): 06/29/94 (16)
  • Football Club: Victoria
  • Debut in UEFA tournaments: no data

№17 Alina Vasilyeva

(Alina's profile + photo)

  • Position: Defender
  • Date of birth (age): 11/12/1985 (25)
  • Football Club: Victoria 86
  • Debut in the UEFA tournament:
  • Club: UEFA Women's Champions League (First qualifying round) 07/20/04: Bobruichanka 2-0 Codru
  • National team: UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship (First qualifying round) 10/04/02: Belarus 0-2 Slovakia
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