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On Wednesday evening, in the second leg of the 1/16 Women's Champions League against Arsenal in London, our Bobruichanka ended its performance in the main European club tournament.

The fact that this match in the suburbs of London will be for the charges of Nikolai Kasatkin at the Euro-era was the last to be clear even after the first bout in Bobruisk. Then, on September 29, the head coach of the hosts was worried about the post-match press conference about the fact that his team would go to London without any special chances to enter the next round. He wanted very much to have even the slightest hope of a two-round success.

Nevertheless, the result of the reciprocal meeting showed that even in the case of a good result in native walls, to beat the eminent Englishwomen in the sum of two matches would be the result from the realm of fantasy. Nikolay Kasatkin, as promised, significantly updated the starting lineup of the team compared to the first match. It was the attacking line of the team that was completely rebuilt. Lyubenkova and Kuznetsova, who are not involved in the first game at all, as well as Loginov and Buzunov, who came out in the Bobruisk meeting for a replacement, entered the field.

However, all these rebuilding "Arsenal" little worried. And in native walls, the team of Laura Harvey continued to bend his attacking line. It is for this reason that “Bobruichanka” for the most part had to work the whole team in defense. At this time, the English football players opened up the defense of Belarusian women six times - three scoring in each half. Commenting on other events of the match is pointless. The result will not change.

Summing up the European Cup performance of “Bobruichanka”, it is worth noting that the team of Nikolay Kasatkin performed at their own level. We all expected the champion of the country to successfully overcome the group round and Bobruisk was successful. In competition with Arsenal, only the most ardent fans of Belarusian football could expect a successful result. The class and skill of the opponent did not allow us to get hold of at least one scored ball.

ARSENAL (London, England) - 6

BOBRUYCHANKA (Bobruisk, England) - 0

BORCHEMWOOD. October 5th. Meadow Park. JUDGES: Severin Zink, S. Gosselin, M.Nikolosi (all - France).

ARSENAL: Spencer, Houghton, Tracy, Flaherty (James 63), Nobbs, E. White (Lowley 77), Beatty, Carter, Little (Bragg 73), Chapman, Fahey.

BOBRUICHANKA: Novikova, Shpak, Ryzhevich, Manzhuk, Luchenyok (k), Buzunova (Tretyakova 70), Kuznetsova, Lutskevich, Loginova (Yoshchik 90 + 4), Lyubenkova (Astasheva 33), Gromolyuk.

Carter (13), 2: 0 - Carter (30), 3: 0 - Chatterman (41), 4: 0 - Bitti (57), 5: 0 - Bitti (60), 6: 0 - Noobs (65).

22 Beats 2

15 Shots on target 2

3 Corner 1

4 Offside 0

12 Fouls 9

Champions League. 1/16 finals. On a visit to the "Gunners".

On Wednesday, November 5, the return match of the 1/16 Women's Champions League will take place between the current champion of Belarus "Bobruichka" and the best England team in London "Arsenal".

The match will take place in the city of Borehamwood at the Meadow Park stadium and will begin at 6:00 pm Belarusian time. The game will be served by a French referee team headed by Severin Zink. Recall that the first match in Bobruisk ended in victory for the Englishwomen with a score of 4: 0. Thus, from the point of view of the final result, the reciprocal meeting no longer carries any intrigue. However, the Champions League is not a tournament where participating teams can afford to play carelessly. On the native lawn, Englishwomen will invariably strive to attack. This assumption was confirmed by the head coach of Arsenal, Laura Harvey. In particular, in a recent interview with the official site of the Gunners, Harvey noted: «…In Bobruisk, we scored only a quarter of what we could. If we don’t get better, it’s not easy in the next rounds. Therefore, in a home meeting you need to look even more powerful and mobile than it was a week earlier. With each new match, the team must add in speed and realization of scoring opportunities. We will strive for this ...».

After the first bout, the Bobruichanka footballers got the day off and started preparing for the second match on Saturday, October 1st. Yesterday, in transit through Vilnius and Riga, our team went to London. On the eve of the departure to the capital of England, the director and head coach of the team Nikolay Kasatkin shared his thoughts about the past and future fights with us:

- We lost to Arsenal absolutely in the case, but I think that they looked very decent against the background of Englishwomen. Yes, in the starting minutes scared. My players simply kicked the ball on the outs, but later, after ten minutes, I managed to calm down and level the game. As a result, the time ended very well. In the second they decided to play open football, they tried to sharply attack. There was even a ten-minute period when the English women did not know what to do, taking the ball to far away from the gate. In the middle of the second half, due to one important mistake, the referee broke down psychologically, which led to this result. I think that they did not deserve a crushing defeat.

- what are the plans on guest bout?

- 18 football players will fly to the match. In comparison with the Bobruisk application there will be only one change - Kuznetsov instead of Martyniuk. In the first game, only a few players played at the level of their capabilities, so I will make at least 3-4 substitutions in the starting lineup. The footballers who disappointed me on Thursday will stay on the bench. In London, we have two ways: to become the whole team at the gates and try to miss as little as possible, or play real live football with your opponent. I, perhaps, will choose the second option. Only in this case will we be able to achieve something and progress in the future. I set the task - to play better than in a home match. I am sure that we can do it.

Bobruichanka in the Champions League. Based on Barça

Bobruichanka (Bobruisk, Belarus) - 0

ARSENAL (London, England) - 4

БOBRUYSK. September 29th "Spartacus". 2000 JUDGES: P. Larsson, S. Borg-Pilharm, A. Nistrom (all - Sweden). INSPECTOR: I.Jaleva (Bulgaria). UEFA delegate: J. Coathrick (Netherlands).

BOBRUICHANKA: Novikova, Lutskevich, Gromolyuk, Shpak, Manzhuk, Luchyonok (Astasheva 36), Yoshchyk (Buzunova 72), Ryzhevich, Tretyakova, Malinovskaya, Davydovich (Loginova 28).

ARSENAL: Spencer, Houghton (Tracy 74), Grant, Flaherty, Fahey, E. White (Beatty 65), Chapman, Ladlow, Yankee, Little (Carter 58), Nobbs.

SPARE: “Bobruichanka” - Dashkovskaya, Buzinova, Martynyuk, Lyubenkova; Arsenal - Byrne, Tracy, Bratton, Ladd.

GOALS: 0: 1 - White (9), 0: 2 - Nobbs (64), 0: 3 - Beatty (76), 0: 4 - Chapman (76, from the penalty spot).

3 Beats 28
0 shots on target 14
2 Corner 5
1 Offside 4
12 Fouls 7

Rejoice or cry?

On Wednesday evening, the attention of all football fans in Belarus was riveted on the liga-champion match between Borisov BATE Borisov and Barcelona. They wrote about the match long before it began, Belarusian fans literally lived with the anticipation of this historical duel. However, few of the domestic football connoisseurs assumed that last week not one but just two Champions Leagues visited Belarus. Not only male, but also female.

For those interested in women's football, the sign of the match of 1/16 of the women's Champions League with the title “Bobruichanka” - “Arsenal” looked no less festive than the long-awaited BATE match with Barcelona in Minsk. Indeed, in the world of European women's football, Arsenal is the same grand and hegemon that interested fans from all European countries want to see, and potential rivals from these countries are naturally afraid.

So the draw of the first round of the playoffs, which determined the eminent British team to rivals Bobrujanka, left a double impression. On the one hand, it is gratifying that Bobruisk fans will be able to see one of the best teams in Europe live, and on the other hand, it will be extremely difficult for Bobruyanka to fight masterful Englishwomen on an equal footing. Actually, these initial impressions did not change and the first meeting of the two round confrontation.

Start on "Barcelona"

Even with the starting line-up, the same smiles were read on the faces of the Bobruich women that we saw in the BATE football players a few minutes before the starting whistle of the match with Barcelona. The start of the Bobruisk battle turned out to be a carbon copy of an evening match of the environment. The English women immediately took control of the ball and proceeded to a systematic siege of Novikova’s goal. For the starting five-minute so many moments were created that they would be more than enough for a full half of the match equal rivals. However, the first missed ball was a bit curious. The transfer from the depth of the field seemed to be easily intercepted by Gromolyuk, but Anna instead did only the continuation of the pass. Ellen White used the gift without any problems, having transferred Novikova over her head.

Oddly enough, but after that, the attacking paths of the male Barcelona and the female Arsenal diverged. The Englishwomen calmed down somewhat, which allowed our players to appear more often on another side of the field. Here are just significant dividends that did not bring. Most attacks ended in attempts to beat one-on-one masterful opponents. It turned out very rarely. But the response attacks of the guests almost always carried a danger. Literally every five minutes, Arsenal arranged rides of unprecedented generosity. And in moments when the English women did not differ in kindness, Novikova already saved. The physical condition of the Belarusian team every minute became weaker. And the first two replacements Nikolai Kasatkin was forced to spend in the middle of the first half.

And here are the fans

On the field, the first half ended quietly enough, but in the stands there was no silence. On the one hand, the fans of Belshina comfortably settled down and came to support the women's city team. They did it very noisy and organized. On the other podium, British motifs sang along with English motifs. Two dozen young guys, completely clad in the red and white club colors of Arsenal, did not leave without the support of the women's team of “gunners” even in distant Belarus.

Rise and fall

The second half of the match began quite calmly. The guests clearly felt their own superiority in the class and were not in a hurry to attack. But "Bobruichanka" clearly activated. A couple of housewives' attacks caused panic in the defensive redoubts of the Englishwomen. Loginova several times did not have enough literally centimeters to break out one on one with the goalkeeper. As it turned out, the attacking fuse of the “Bobruichanka” was just enough for a dozen minutes. In the aggregate of created moments, Arsenal deserved a second goal, and he achieved it. Flank backache ended with Nobbs' exact final blow. Another ten minutes of pressure and activity on another half and a three-sided advantage was in the pocket. This time Beatty’s kick came from outside the box. Novikova extremely clumsily formed, and the ball flew at her right at hand. Completed the defeat of Katie Chapman, who coolly implemented a fair penalty.

Summarizing the results of the fight, we note that the British showed strong technical football, which allowed them to achieve an acceptable result. Only for ten minutes of the second half, the attack of “Bobrujanka” came out of the shadows. The rest of the match, our champion was forced to defend. The return meeting will take place on October 5 at the Meadow Park stadium in the city of Borehamwood. In it Belarusians will have even more difficult. We wish the team of Nikolai Kasatkin good luck.

Bobruichanka in the Champions League. Moment of truth.

On Thursday, one of the most significant events in the history of sovereign Belarusian women's football will take place at the Spartak stadium in Bobruisk.

Within the 1/16 finals of the women's Champions League, the current champion of Belarus "Bobruichanka" will host one of the strongest teams in the Old World - London "Arsenal". Over the past five years, in the Champions League, Englishwomen never flew out before the quarterfinal stage, and in the 2006/2007 season they won the most prestigious club trophy. Due to this stability, Arsenal has long been ranked second in the UEFA ranking among all European teams, second only to the current holder of the Champions League Cup in French Lyon. In the current draw of the championship of England, Arsenal scored ten wins in fourteen games, thanks to which it is confidently leading. In order to understand the full strength of the London squad, it is enough to mention that within the framework of the Turkish Turkish training camp, Arsenal met with the national team of Belarus and won with a score of 9: 0. Comments, as they say, are superfluous ... What is remarkable, for the team are exclusively footballers from the British Peninsula, who are the leaders of their national teams - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

After Friday's match in the championship of the country, the coaching staff of Bobruichki decided not to arrange for the weekend wards - the preparation for the champions match began on Saturday. According to head coach Tatyana Volkova, there are no problems in the team, both with the physical condition of the wards and the psychological one. Footballers are ready to give battle to famous English women. At the beginning of the season, the director of the club, Nikolay Kasatkin, noted that a successful performance in the Champions League is the primary task of Bobruichka in the current season. We wish our team success in the two most important matches of the season.


On 23 August, in Nyon, Switzerland, there was a draw for the 1/16 and 1/8 stages of the Women's Champions League final. For the third consecutive year at the play-off stage, the draw does not favor Belarusian teams. Two years ago, the "University" was forced to fight with the formidable German "Duisburg-2001" and, accordingly, lost with a crushing score. By the way, that year Duisburg 2001 won the Champions League. Last season, the no less formidable opponent, the award-winning Norwegian club Rea, was defined to rivals Zorka-BDU. Minsk team fought with the Scandinavians on an equal footing, but two goals conceded in the first home game did not allow our team to go further. And now our next representative, Gianni Infantino, “pulled out” one of the strongest women's teams in Europe - London “Arsenal”. From year to year, the British team reaches the decisive matches of the main club tournament of the Old World, thanks to which it now has the second rating among all European teams, second only to the French Lyon - the current holder of the Champions League Cup. Remarkably, in the spring, within the framework of the Turkish gathering, the women's national team of Belarus held a friendly match with the British club. The match ended with the defeat of our compatriots with a score of 0: 9. Let's hope that the charges of Nikolai Kasatkin will be more successful in confronting the eminent rival. The first match will take place on September 28 in Bobruisk. Reciprocal game - in a week in London. In case of success in the 1/8 finals, “Bobruichanka” will meet with the winner of the pair “PC-35” (Finland) / “Rayo Vallecano” (Spain).

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