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Juliana OBI: "Found the country on the map and went"

For the second season in a row, the colors of the football club “Minsk” have been successfully defended by dark-skinned legioners from Africa. This year, to replace the Cameroonian Christine Mani and Endiola Prudence came the Nigerian Ouwe Ele and Julian Obi. Footballers immediately joined the attacking model of one of the leaders of the national women's football, and Julian OBI completely beat all performance records, confidently heading the bombing race.

- Julian, tell me how it turned out that you linked your life with football?

- From the earliest years I was a sporty girl. She spent time on the street until nighttime, playing soccer with the guys. Once we had a friendly match between schools. It was there that the coaches of the Nigerian league team noticed me. They offered to train on an ongoing basis, and soon football became an integral part of my life. Established in the local club Lagos and the career began to develop.

- Is “Minsk” your first foreign club?

- No, before that I had performed in Finland at the Kuopio Club for several years. Therefore, your possible questions about adaptation to a cold climate will not be relevant. In Finland, I first saw mountains of snow. Playing in cold weather is no longer new to me.

- What were the first thoughts when they offered to go to play in Belarus?

- Agents from Europe came out with a friend from us. Have made a specific offer. I found the country on the map, consulted with my relatives, friends and decided to go. Especially in Belarus, I am not alone, but with Otave Yele. Together we have more fun, easier to understand some things that were hitherto unknown to us.

- Football for you is first of all an opportunity to earn good money?

- This is a lifestyle and everything is intertwined in it. The financial component also plays an important role. However, if football did not give me moral satisfaction, then I would hardly have chosen it as my profession.

- What caused you the greatest surprise in the time you spend in Belarus?

- These surprises were waiting for me at every step during the first months of life in Finland. I came here very prepared. She knew what to expect from the European way of life. Therefore, city life, local food, weather, modern technologies are not new to me. Already all this has long been accustomed.

- How often do you meet with moments of misunderstanding in public transport, shops and other places?

- Sometimes you have to explain something with gestures. Especially in stores, when I do not find the product I need in the windows. However, I have no real problems in communication. I know some phrases in Russian, which often help out.

- How difficult is it to get into the women's national football team of Nigeria?

- The competition is very significant. They play very strong girls with excellent technique. African teams always show a good level of football in the world championships. Our team has also made its way there more than once. The strongest players act in the championships of Spain and Germany. There are girlfriends and Scandinavian teams. Some even make their way into the strongest women's football league on the planet - the American MLS. I am personally acquainted with most of them.

- Who is your idol in football?

- Now the whole football world is crazy about Leo Messi. He is a real role model. When I was very young, we had idols among the local players. I think names like JJ Okocha and Nwankwo Kanu will tell you a lot.

- Have you already made friends with Abubakar Kamara from the Minsk team?

- Yes, he whenever possible comes to support us on home games. And we often attend the matches of "Minsk" at the Dynamo stadium. We constantly communicate, even despite the fact that he is not from Nigeria, but from Guinea.

- I saw several matches in your performance and concluded that you are a born striker. You can't imagine another position on the field ...

- I can agree. I can score the necessary goals, beat the rivals in a short stretch of field. Often I am exactly at the point where the ball bounces off the field of blows. Goal flair is clearly present. I see no other place on the field besides attack. I like to score goals and know how to do it.

- Now in five games you have scored 12 goals. There are still 22 tours ahead. Have you set some goal level for you that will satisfy you at the end of the season?

- I cannot name a specific number, but I think that I should score more than 30. If I stay at the top of the bombing race until the end of the championship, I will be happy. And most importantly - to bring his team victory in every match.

Head coaches of women's football teams of Belarus. Direct speech before the championship 2012. Three favorites and Co.

On the eve of the start of the 21st national championship for women, we not only prepared the business cards of all the participating teams, but also for the first time in history, we learned the pre-start expectations of the team's head coaches.

Nikolai KASATKIN (Bobruichanka):

- It may sound strange, but I can’t give an unequivocal answer regarding the success of the past off-season. It can not be called productive, but it also does not claim to be one of the most failed. The team position is twofold. Completed the entire amount of the planned work. By names also look quite decent, but I feel that all is not well. We checked our level against the background of strong teams from Russia and Ukraine. "Ryazan-Airborne" and "Legend" lost, but not hopelessly. Practice has shown that our bench is really small. Year after year, our main problem is the lack of space for outdoor training during the pre-start weeks. However, this year I believe that we will start without swinging. “Bobruichanka” has always been on the right path of development, and this offseason has not knocked us out of this rut. Although many may think quite differently. I think that it’s not up to me to talk about the tasks for the season, but it’s even embarrassing for anyone who understands Belarusian football to ask them. Like last season, we will focus on the Champions League. I really want to bring back a grandee of European scale to Belarus, and for this you need to at least qualify. I am sure that three teams will compete in the gold championship. The fight will be very tense. Gomel, Grodno and Mogilyov will prop up below.

Marina LIS (Star-BSU)

- Everything went according to plan. The offseason worked perfectly. The squad was formed, and then suddenly four players flew out at once. Linnik, Voskobovich, Nikolaev and Karachun received injuries that were completely unrelated to the training process. This was a very big blow to us. However, the match of the Cup of Belarus showed that with such a composition we are able to demonstrate a great game. The team is well prepared physically, and everything else we will find in the starting tours. It is very important to get in good shape for the most important matches against direct competitors for gold. I would very much like to break my silver tradition this year. We are fed up with absolute championship bad luck.

Irina BULYGINA (Minsk):

- The ending of last season was very good and in the off-season they were in a very good mood. The winter period added even more optimism and self-reliance. The entire amount of the planned training work successfully completed. Very pleased with the leadership that allocated funds for the training cycle in Turkey. There on good natural lawns eliminated a lot of shortcomings in the game. Prepared the team physically. I think that in terms of OFP my wards are now at the optimal pre-competition level. But there is still a lot of work to be done on the interaction and staging of team actions. I would like to have a good bench, where every performer, coming on as a substitute, could strengthen the game in the right direction. I don’t hide from anyone that not everything is smooth in the center of the midfield and in the line of attack. Solid problems. We are also actively looking for a second goalkeeper. With the advent of the Nigerian legionaries, competition should increase. We look forward to the start of the championship to see the fruits of the off-season works. The management set the task to win all possible trophies in the season. And we do not refuse it. Let's try to do something that no one has yet succeeded. Let it be not modest, but I believe that "Minsk" is already ripe for these peaks.

Alexander LASTOCHKIN (Nadezhda-SDUSHOR-7):

- In fact, the off-season, we consisted of one month of active training work. I had 14 players at my disposal. We played three sparring with guys from sports school-7. I tried to use each workout to the maximum, as I assumed that we would soon go into standby mode. So it happened. Today we are in limbo. I do not know if we will play at all. Now football players train three times a week of their own accord. On the goals and objectives speak very problematic. If we declare for the championship, then with all our strength we will try to cling to the third place, although it sounds very sensational. Now on paper there are three favorites, but they too will lose points. The rest of the teams are approximately at the same level, and you can take fourth place in the company with them, and you can remain in the ninth place with equal probability. “Molodechno”, as you understand, I omit for brackets. I will say exactly one thing: we don’t exactly count on the last place. Otherwise it would be possible not to train at all.

Oleg SECHENOK (Vicotria-86):

- Brest Victoria-86 has no team tasks for the season. Naturally, the coaching staff gives the girls a setup for each match - fight to the end. If you do not cling to any opportunity to earn points, then go on the field is not why. In recent years, we have lost all of their leaders, who determined the face of the team. Now our best players are 14-17 years old. All the work of the team in the season will be aimed at revealing the talents of our two stars. I am sure that in 5-7 years Karplyuk and Kozyupa will be the main players of the national team of Belarus. Now it is important to lay the right foundation for them, to give a competent football education. Perhaps, during this season, someone else will show himself from the best side and attract the attention of the coaches of national teams. This is our main goal - to give the country as many qualified football personnel as possible.

Irina Kazeeva (Victoria):

- Unfortunately, for all the off-season had only one collection. Not played a single friendly match. After the encouraging season of 2011, they waited for financial support, but it all failed. We thought that we would fight for the medals, and now we dream of maintaining last year’s position in the championship. It all comes down to money, which we do not have. If we stay in the same positions, it will be the height of success. Desires and ideas of the sea, but they are not possible to implement.

Edward Demenkovets (Gomel-SDUSHOR-8):

With each season we add in skill and level of teamwork. However, this is not reflected in the final standings. Very disappointing. This season, I want to surprise everyone and prove that during this time we have matured and can play differently. I am glad that the girls are progressing step by step. This is visible to the naked eye. They themselves already believed that they could fight on equal terms with the strongest. It is a pity that the choice of performers I have is small. We barely recruited 18 people for the application. There is no infusion of a new wave. We play with the lineup that took shape in 2007. Of course, you could invite someone from the side and put your girls on the bench, but you want to achieve something with these players. We have grown them and must lead the career ladder. How much we have added over the offseason, the championship will show. I believe that this year Gomel-SDUSHOR-8 will get off the ground. We must finally move to the top half of the standings.

Olga PAVLUT (Niva-Belkard):

- The first assessment of our inter-season work was the matches of the Cup of Belarus. And, I must say, we have made tangible progress. I liked how the team acted. So in the winter they did a good job. In the championship this year we plan to rise one line higher. This will be considered a successful performance. True, an unexpected headache has recently appeared. The main central defender fell out and in the next three months there will be serious problems in defense. Nevertheless, we will fight in every match. Be sure to take points from one of the leaders.

Sergey CHERNYSHOV (University):

- It is very difficult to work. Terms really "Spartan". Due to the lack of a base, we train exclusively in the gym. But you have to play big football, not mini. Still not paid off last year's debt to the club. Many thanks to those players who stayed and played out last season for a penny. And for those who left, we do not take offense. They can be understood. Guide set the task to get into the top five. It will be very difficult to do, but we will try. We have no other options.

Sergey Korytko (Molodechno):

- There is nothing special to talk about. We have some problems and there is no light at the end of the tunnel at all. If stable financing had appeared, they could count on something more than 5-7 goals for the whole season. Skilled footballers strive to go where you can earn at least some penny. We have no such opportunity. We only provide gaming practice to those who want it. So we play. Perhaps the time will come when Molodechno will not be the only outsider of the championship.

Women's football. Festive interview by March 8. Inna BOTYANOVSKAYA: “The Gifts will Wait”

The six-time champion of Belarus, the owner of the country's Cup, the best goalkeeper of the last three Belarusian championships, the first number of the women's national team of Belarus and the captain of the Minsk football club - this is not the entire track record of the modest girl Inna BOTYANOVSKAYA. On the eve of the holiday of March 8, the correspondent of "VF" talked with one of the main hopes of our women's football.

- First of all I would like to ask about your health. Have there been certain problems in recent months?

- It's ok. In Turkey, flying in full health. Past problems - little things in life.

- Usually girls come to football at the age of 8-13 years. You started to train professionally only at 19. At this point, many people are already determined with their future in life, and you just started your career. What has dramatically changed your destiny?

- You see, if at the age of 10-12 I knew about the possibility of playing football, I would have instantly enrolled in the section. Until the age of majority, she had no idea that there was a professional women's team in Vitebsk, and that in Belarus there was even a women's soccer championship. When they entered the university, they underwent a medical examination, and one of the girls started a conversation about the university team. I am very interested. In the second year I began to study sports games, teachers noticed me and invited me to practice. "University". Well, then everything went according to the standard scenario ...

- It turns out that in 2003 you joined the “University”, and three years later you made your debut for the strongest team of the country in the UEFA Cup at that time. How can you reach this level in three years?

- I had a certain base. A good "fizuha" was always present, since from the 5th grade I was engaged in athletics and constantly tried to keep myself in shape. Of course, the mastery of football equipment at the initial stage was not easy. Much did not work. The school was at amateur level. Nevertheless, every day I worked on myself, listened to every remark of the coaches, was equal to the leaders of the team, kept the regime, and the first successes did not take long to wait. I quickly got the opportunity to try myself at the gates of the “University”, and six months later the first challenge to the national team of the country followed. During this eight-year period, we managed to win almost everything in Belarus, play in European competitions, travel around a good half of Europe with the national team. But then the first number of the team was not me, but Svetlana Novikova. I played only periodically.

- Did you immediately become a goalkeeper, or did you try yourself in other football roles?

- At the first training session I was determined to attack. I tried, struggled, but, frankly, it turned out not so hot. Partners began to "shove" and I myself was asked to stand at the gate, so as not to annoy them. But at the gate, as it turned out, everything was by no means deplorable. It turned out to beat, catch. Since then, I have not been offered another position on the field.

- Mastering what part of goalkeeper art was the most difficult for you?

- Goalkeeper technique is very specific. It has its own features, "chips", which are known only to those people who were professionally framed. At the first stage, the most difficult thing for me was to learn how to fall correctly. Without fear of injury. It is very important to overcome this fear as quickly as possible. Of course, there were a lot of bruises, literally on all parts of the body. Well, the other elements of the technology came somehow by themselves. At each new training session she learned the techniques and after a couple of years she knew a lot. However, in such a short period of time it is impossible to become a true goalkeeper with a football sense, intuition, which allow one to anticipate the thoughts of the attacking player. Such things come with experience.

- There is an opinion that a good goalkeeper is a half-team. In women's football, this statement does not lose its relevance?

- Absolutely. Women's football in its technique and tactics is no different from the men's. The only difference is in the speed of movement across the field, the strength of passes and strikes, the speed of thinking. Football is the same for everyone. If field players are confident in their own goalkeeper, they themselves make less mistakes, more often make risky decisions, acting without looking at their own goal. It is very important that each pass to the goalkeeper does not turn into a hassle for the defenders.

- You come from the Vitebsk region and at the moment all the most significant achievements in your career were won with the “University”, but more recently you have transited Vitebsk to the capital through Voronovo. What played a decisive role when leaving the home team?

- In the life of every person there comes a time when you need to change something, make important decisions. There was a crisis in the “University”, and I needed to grow professionally, develop. And in terms of money, the situation in Vitebsk did not quite suit me. Considered the suggestions of other teams and made one of the most difficult decisions in my life. Still, it is difficult to change the situation after ten years of living in a certain environment. I think I understand the one who had to make such decisions. However, the most important thing is that the person should not regret what he did. In this sense, I have not yet been disappointed in anything.

- At this stage in the development of your football career, are you satisfied with your achievements and titles, or is there a certain feeling of dissatisfaction?

- I really have a lot of titles and achievements. The only thing in the “University” I did not manage to win the Supercup of Belarus. Already this month with “Minsk” I will have such an opportunity. The match against Bobruichka will be really special for me, because I really want to replenish my collection with a new trophy. There is a slight regret that the title of master of sports of Belarus won a little bit undeservedly. I spent the first championship season in Vitebsk behind the back of the main goalkeeper, receiving a medal and the prestigious title, being the second goalkeeper. I am very critical of myself and now I try to fulfill this title with my present game.

- In the hard sports graphics, how often do you manage to find time to visit family and friends?

- Not at all. Leaving Vitebsk, I assumed that everything would be much easier. However, in reality, visiting parents in Dokshitsy is practically impossible. In the course of the season and in the process of preparing for it, usually provide 1-2 days off per week, which does not allow you to make such a long voyage. You will come, and in a couple of hours it’s time to leave. It’s good that parents understand everything and are already accustomed to my sports schedule.

- Do you think that at this stage in the development of sports, women have already reached equality with men or is it still perplexing for women to engage in some sports (including football)?

- Rather, I would say, this causes bewilderment among people only in the CIS. In Europe, women's football is experiencing a real “boom”. This is especially evident when traveling to the countries of Western Europe for the matches of the national team. Attention of the audience, interest from the press, the level of organization of the match - all at the highest level. In my opinion, there are really non-female sports for which our body was not originally created. Football is a game sport that is available to everyone. There are no such tortures over the female body, as it happens in boxing or weightlifting.

- You finished driving school. Practical driving lessons for you were painful or confidently took the wheel from the first classes?

- In general, there were no problems. The first time I got behind the wheel, it seemed that I had driven for at least a couple of years. Traveled into the streets without the slightest mandrazh, it was even interesting. The instructor immediately noted that I had a driver's grip. Learning to drive a car was for me a peculiar pleasure.

- In terms of professional attitude to sports, how to work, who is more disciplined: men or women?

- To answer this question, I need to go inside the men's sports team. As you know, this is impossible. And to argue on the external impression is not with my hand.

- The holiday of March 8 is not far off, and you are leaving the whole team for Turkey. Do not hurt that in such a momentous day you can not be at home?

- Gifts will wait. If you wish, you can now congratulate a person anywhere in the world. The Internet in Turkey has not been canceled. In general, I'm used to meeting important holiday dates at the training camp. For example, for the fifth year in a row I spend my birthday at home. On this occasion, I do not dwell a bit.

Remember the most original greetings from guys or men who had to receive since the days of school or university ...

- Everything passed according to the standard. The school had various souvenirs, calendars, key chains. At the university, guys, too, didn’t clog up their heads with unnecessary fabrications They made us a sweet table, and everyone was happy. We usually answered them with the same coin.

- In your questionnaire on the site about women's football, you wrote a question about a dream outside the football field that you would like simple female happiness. What do you think it is?

- In a happy family. Healthy children, mutual love and respect, family affluence is my formula for female happiness.

- It is simply believed that a sports career and a full-fledged family life are incompatible things. How do you feel about this?

- Forced to agree. In men's sports, everything is somewhat different. If you are a dad, this does not prevent you from playing football. But the mother must be constantly with the child. It is impossible to constantly carry him on trips, fees, engage in his upbringing with thoughts of tomorrow's fight for gold and the Cup.

- Personally, how are things going on your personal front? Vaughn Oksana Shpak concluded her interview with the words: “Guys, dare!” Isn't that relevant for you?

- On a personal front, things are not as smooth as we would like. Therefore, with Oksana Shpak, I agree. Let dare, guys! Nevertheless, I do not allow men to myself so that they could later put me before a choice. Many times I thought about this issue, and while I am not ready to leave the sport for the sake of someone.

- Tell me, does female friendship still exist and can it manifest itself on the football field?

- Female friendship was, is and will be. However, under certain conditions. If there is no envy, anger, rancor, then this can be called a true friendship. But there are no friends on the field. No matter what relationship I had with former partners from Vitebsk (and not only), I still will not “put out the foam” even if my best friend hits the goal. At the pre-match handshake, we smile at each other, welcome, we can embrace, but with the starting whistle, I forget all the old relationships. I can only sympathize with the unpleasant joint. It is always unpleasant.

- You graduated from VSU. P.Masherov sports pedagogical specialty. See yourself in the future teacher?

- I do not even know. I have never been a real trainer or teacher. Practice at the university does not count. However, if in the future after the end of a career, you have to do something, then most likely it will be a sport. It is unique.

Women's football. Results of the Championship. FC "Minsk". Irina BULYGINA: “Breakthrough to a new level”.

If you look globally, then in the women's national championship, the football club “Minsk” can be called a real benchmark of progress. Judge for yourself. In the debut season of 2009, the team immediately became the fifth. A year later, she climbed a step higher, ending the season in fourth position. And in the 2011 season, the wards of Irina BULYGINA finally tried on the bronze medals of the championship of Belarus, and in addition also won the Cup of the country.
- Irina Iosifovna, in the third year of the team’s existence, you were the first to submit to a pedestal. What are your impressions and feelings from the next football season?

- I am experiencing a tremendous joy at the fact that we have conquered yet another peak on the way to our main success. We systematically went to this third place and in the season ended it has not gone away from us anywhere. Still, many talked about our progress and growth, but this success existed only in words, and in the season of 2011 there was its materialization. In other words, we now have medals.

- Of course, the peak stage of the season was winning the Belarus Cup. It seemed that in this tournament "Minsk" caught some kind of courage ...

- Surprisingly, from the very beginning of the season we considered this tournament only as an opportunity to get a practice game for solving problems in the championship. That is, they did not even think about the possibility of winning the Cup of Belarus. We passed one round, passed the other, got lucky with the draw and look: we are already in the final. Just the same “courage” in this sense is the most correct word, which can intelligently characterize the winning of the Cup of Belarus. After all, in fact, in the final game with Zorka-BDU, we did not show anything special. This was a game of psychology, football of emotions. It was at that moment we were stronger and won the first trophy in the history of the team.

- Then, at the end of spring, we titled a report on the victory for you in the Belarus Cup final very loudly: “The Birth of the Grandee”. Do you agree that this season in Belarusian women's football has matured yet another grand?

- I can not speak with absolute certainty, but I would like to believe that a breakthrough to a new level really happened. We went to this stage of the formation of the team gradually, without forcing events. If even now nobody calls us a grandee, then we will do everything we can to turn the familiar year about the strongest club in Belarusian women's football over the coming year. I am sure that in the 2012 season we will fully comply with this loud status.

- What can explain the very significant variation in the results with the other two winners. You beat “Zorku-BDU” with a score of 4: 0, and after a while you get six unanswered goals from “Bobrujanka” ...

- It’s not worth talking about different degrees of readiness for one or another match in this context. I believe that female psychology is to blame. And in no case can she be called the psychology of a professional football player. We have not reached this level yet. Real professionals rarely show such contrasting results. We played on emotions. On emotions, they “broke up” then “Zorku-BDU”, and after a couple of weeks emotional apathy came, and, accordingly, lost with the score 0: 6 Here I see my own guilt as well. They failed to properly lead the players to the match with Gennady Pashkevich.

- Probably, one should not argue that among all the teams of the women's championship, “Minsk” has one of the best conditions for the training process in the country. Were you satisfied with the logistics of the team in the season?

- You always want ideal conditions, so it’s impossible to be satisfied with everything. Nevertheless, the conditions in which our team passed the tournament distance are truly greenhouse. For the female football team of our level, it is unlikely at this stage of development that we can want more. Our main achievement is stability. We go out on the field and know that tomorrow nothing will happen to the team and everything will be also great. I am sure that the management will respond to our high ambitions of the coming season with even greater support in terms of meeting the interests of the team.

- What do you have with the stadium? Is there any specific certainty for next season? And then the whole of 2011 were rushing from Torpedo to CFP and back ...
- In this sense, we are very dependent on the Minsk team of men. If the men play at Torpedo, then for at least two days before the match and two after we were not allowed to play there. As you understand, the calendars often overlapped and, accordingly, took on opponents in the CFP training field. Initially, Torpedo is our stadium, but I cannot assert that we will play there constantly in the next season either.

- More than half of the season in the “Minsk” were three Cameroonian legionerki, and two of them were players of the main composition. But then they disappeared sharply. What happened?

- It's all very difficult. We did not part with them. Andiola Prudence and Christin Mani summoned to the games of the national team of Cameroon. We were obliged to let them go. By the end of the national team games, we had only a couple of matches left in the championship. We decided that it does not make the slightest sense to pay them an expensive flight from Africa for the final matches of the championship. They will join us next year.

- What is the situation with the growing youth from the double? What do you think about the prospects in the basis of the same Novik, Mazur, Yakukhina, Kunovskaya?

- We looked through these girls, they even train with us, but they obviously don’t go as a basis. The level of their game clearly does not correspond to the tasks that the team will set for the new season. The same “Zorka-BDU” in the past and the year before last for the season rented out their pupils in “Molodechno” and “Victoria” so that they could feel the level of the Higher League. Now half of those girls are already at the heart of the capital team. If we were able to apply the same version of the employment of young girls, he would undoubtedly go in their favor. After all, the game double obviously will not help promising football players to reach a high level.

- In the 14 matches held Selivestrova scored 10 goals. In the third round, was it really irreplaceable for you?

- But we invited Galya to patch holes in the attack. Powerful, fast, technical midfielder very successfully joined our team and immediately became one of the leaders of "Minsk". We are seriously looking forward to it in the new season.

- At the beginning of the year, I saw that Maria Susha, who had spoken before Zorku-BDU, was experiencing very big problems with adaptation in your team. By the end of the season did you still find contact with her?

- Yes, she came out to replace, but could not find a common language. At the end of the season, we broke up with two players and Susha was one of them. Also ceased cooperation with Svetlana Ryzhova. As for Sushi, after the knee injury she did not reach the desired level. Everything is being built here for the future. In this sense, Land and Ryzhova are no longer us helpers. We carry out a planned rejuvenation of the composition.

- The transfer of Vasilyeva, Miroshnichenko, Selystestrovaya and Nizhegorodova to your team has caused a very strong indignation among the leadership of the teams in Brest and Mogilev. What would you like to answer those ill-wishers who did not want to see these players in the composition of Minsk?

- Inviting these players, we did not want to offend anyone. First of all, it was the will of the players themselves, who expressed a desire to become part of our team. And the conflicts that have arisen are already a flaw in the system regarding the status and transition of the player to another team in women's football. It is a pity that ABFF began to deal with these things seriously from us, and did not prescribe all the truths even before the start of the season. So it happened that the whole year, some of our players played for the team without professional contracts, as amateurs. In football, everything should be built on professionalism, and not on trusting human relationships.

- Are you fully satisfied with the composition that you now have at your disposal or in the offseason you still have to wait for significant changes?

- We are not for a second stop work on the strengthening of the composition. And we are negotiating not only with the players of Belarusian clubs, but also foreign ones. We would very much like to return to the team Shramok, which is now playing in Ukraine. At the moment, everything is under negotiation. We sent our players suggestions, and they have time to think. All adults and I think that each of the girls that interest us will make the right decision for themselves.

- For three years in a row you add one position in the championship. However, I suppose that the “silver” of 2012 will no longer suit you?

- We have only thoughts about gold medals and the opportunity to play in the Champions League. The goal has already been set, both by management and by the team itself. Over the years we have managed to turn into a real cohesive team, a spirit of winners has appeared. I think that everything will work out.

Interview with the heroine of football. Oksana Shpak: “Guys, dare!”

Rarely, when a player in the role of central defender manages to win prestigious individual awards. The case of the captain of the women's national team of Belarus is truly exceptional. For the second year in a row, coaches and experts in the field of women's football have given Oksana Shpak the title of the best football player of the national championship. "Everything about football" simply could not talk with one of the heroines of the season ended.

- Oksana, on Thursday, from the hands of the First Deputy Chairman of the ABFF, you received the Star Ball for the title of the best football player of the past national championship. What does this award mean to you?

- You know, every time the receipt of any awards and titles is perceived by me, as if for the first time. Each new football year presents its realities and surprises. I must note that in the season ended in our championship, there were a lot of bright female players, and I am very pleased that the coaches and experts really appreciated my game. Naturally, in such cases you feel incredible joy. Before my eyes there are episodes from the life in football. At such moments, you realize that all the work on the field and beyond was not done in vain. However, with joy, there is always excitement. It is a great honor to receive an award in the presence of a huge number of honored people from football.

- You become the best in the national championship for the second year in a row. What is so special about the football season that you ended up in?

- Naturally, there were ups and downs, and in different tournaments. The next championship of “Bobruichanka” was received with great enthusiasm. Successful completion of the season match in Ukraine also left an unforgettable impression. But the crushing defeat from Slovakia came as a complete surprise to me. Of course, we assumed that after two last year's defeats, the Slovakians would have a crazy mood on us, but in order to do so, it would be a real surprise. They really made a huge step in development.

- In January you will celebrate your 30th anniversary. 30 years is the age when you can look at the years spent in football and speculate about the degree of their success ...

- I do not regret for a second that I have chosen the life path of an athlete. Of course, there were moments when something did not work, but the black stripes invariably gave way to white. And the latter, of course, was more. Yes, and thirtieth to argue somehow not with his hands. My mind does not even slip that one day I will cease to play professional football. I would like to receive more than a dozen awards, both personal and team. Weekly to go on the field in a football form - I can not even dream of anything more.

- I personally noted for myself that the generation born in 1982 in Belarusian women's football is perhaps the most outstanding. Shramok, Guzarevich, Aniskovtseva, Luchkevich, Buzunova, Vyshedko, Savostyan, Shpak - these are all players of the national team. Who raised such talents?

- All the players listed by you really perform at a high level, but completely in different teams. Someone in Belarus, someone fate has thrown into Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Now it’s completely hard to believe that we all started playing football together in Bobruisk with the same coach. His name is Alexander Bzhuzak. Huge thanks to him for a ticket to life.

- In 2011 for the first time the championship of Belarus consisted of 27 matches. If you add on the games of the national team of the country, the Cup of Belarus and the Champions League, then you can figure out more than 40 official matches for the season. Surely this year has selected a lot of physical strength?

- Yes, I really have not played in such a hard rhythm yet. In the end of the season I felt tremendous fatigue. It was especially difficult to move from one level to another. Today you play in the championship with Voronovo, tomorrow in the Champions League with Arsenal, and after a while you take the team with the captain's armband to a match with the powerful Finnish national team. And not in one match you will not give yourself any weakness, because coaches, fans are hoping for you and it is simply impossible to deceive their expectations. Right now I enjoy every minute of vacation, because very soon I will have to start everything in a new circle.

- You have been playing for “Bobruichanka” in the national championship for more than ten years. In your opinion, is the competition in the national championship growing over the years or is it still a passing pond-pond match?

- Every year in our championship there is some kind of intrigue. And it is very good that everything is changing: the composition of teams, financial position, the skill of the players, the ambitions of the coaches. On this occasion, I’ll just say one thing: now in the championship every game should be seriously tuned. Last season, for example, we were punished in Mogilev. They went out to play in full legs and paid with three points. This year, they knew that any team could catch on with points. Approached the games in all seriousness.

- Over 27 rounds in the championship of Belarus “Bobruichanka” missed 5 goals. Is it a lot or a little?

- For me, as for the central defender, every goal is like a blow to a sore point. You always want to leave the field with a pleasant “zero” in the graph of goals conceded, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible. In such cases, you need to strive to score more of the opponent. 5 goals of this championship is quite a normal result. If they missed the championship, the answer would be diametrically opposite.

- Now “Bobruichanka” is the oldest team of the championship. A couple of years and one experience to beat fast rivals will not succeed. Are you not afraid that soon “Bobruichanka” will surrender their positions?

- That's a very difficult question. It is completely unknown what composition “Bobruichanka” will have in a year or two. Maybe everything will change. Everything is affected by the financial situation. If you have something to play, then at any age you will show your best opportunities. Here we now have certain problems. I have already signed a contract with the Almaty-based SHVSM-Kairat, as the proposed conditions in Belarus did not suit. Kuchinsky and Lutskevich leave for Russia. Loginova and Tretyakova are already negotiating with other Belarusian clubs. So, it’s a bit early to guess.

- In the Champions League this year, the team reached a maximum?

- We have fulfilled the main task of reaching the playoffs, but the draw in the form of London Arsenal is a kind of bonus. And in another way you will not consider it. Think about where on the football map is London, and where is Bobruisk?

- Let's talk about the football season for the national team of Belarus, for which you spent absolutely all the matches from bell to bell. Is the year a success?

- Of course. We didn’t come across a strong group, and we’ll fight to reach the final stage to the bitter end. Starting bridgehead in the form of seven points for this is already there.

- Until next matches in qualifying more than six months. Let's discuss the possible chances of leaving the group ...

- You need to take your points in home games with Ukraine and Slovakia. In case of successful results in these games, the tournament rebus will have to be resolved in our favor.

- This year, in the position of the head coach of the Belarusian women's national team, Tatyana Volkova replaced Dmitry Shevchuk. For you personally, what does this castling mean, and what changes have you noticed in the national team with the arrival of a new mentor?

- Incompetent people cannot be replaced by the football federation by definition. Therefore, I would like to note that all the coaches who were at the helm of the national team are, first of all, football professionals, but their personal qualities and working methods may already be different. I was calm about work with Shevchuk and also calmly working under the control of Volkova. The only thing that Tatyana Vyacheslavovna is closer to me. With her, and played in Bobruisk and she coached us all this year.

- How difficult is it to bring the national team on the field as a captain? This status is bound by much ...

- Yes, I have to get used to many things. Being a captain is both pleasant and responsible. Such a person in character must be a leader, lead by partners. It seems I can do it. The girls listen, follow the instructions and it's nice.

- Today, "Bobruichanka" is waiting for a gala evening on the occasion of awarding her gold medals. Already anticipating this event?

- And here everything happened for me quite unexpectedly. Girls are already taking places in salons to prepare for the holiday, and I find myself "in the span." They called from Kazakhstan and said that they want to see me at the first restorative Turkish gathering, which starts from day to day. Therefore, I am leaving Bobruisk and will not be able to attend the event. It's a shame ...

- On a page in a popular social network, you already have a sonorous status for a long time: “Again, I start everything from scratch. Tired of doing this mission. ” What is it about? Still not met her prince on a white horse?

- Yes indeed, my heart is still free. The male audience “Everything about football” still has a chance. Guys, go for it!

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