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CALENDAR SEASON 2012 in Belarusian women's football.

Specially I place this entry on top of all articles so that you can find out at any moment what is waiting for us ahead of the season. I delete past events.

June 27 (Wednesday)

Belarus Cup, quarter finals, return matches

Bobruichanka - Victoria

Minsk - Niva-Belkard

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UEFA European Women's Championship (U-17) in 2016 in Belarus

On March 21, at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, a number of countries were identified that were entrusted with the right to host the final tournaments of the European Youth Championships in 2014, 2015, and 2016. It is gratifying that Belarus was among the future hosts of the competition under the auspices of UEFA. In 2016, our country will host the final tournament of the European Championship among girls under 17 years old.

For the first time, competitions for football players in the relevant age category were held in the 2007/2008 season. Hitherto, the field of UEFA headquarters in Nyon has always been the venue for the final tournament. Starting in 2014, the format of the competition will be changed. In the final round, not four, but eight teams will play. In 2014, the first tournament of the new format will be taken by England, in 2015 - Iceland, in 2016 - Belarus.

Recall that the perspective voiced just above was discussed at the meeting of the ABFF committee on women's football back in February. The main task in this direction is that the members and the chairman of the committee determined the formation of a combat-ready youth (U-17) national team of Belarus, which will be able to adequately oppose rivals in front of their native public. To this end, candidates for the national team of the appropriate age (born in 1999-2000) will be selected at regional and republican competitions this year. And with the next season will begin a focused preparation of the team for the main start in 2016. Nominations for the head coach of this team will be made at one of the next meetings of the ABFF women's football committee.

The history of women's football in the Republic of Belarus

World Women's Football began to develop with 1970 of the year, Belorussian - with 1992-go.

Currently in the country there is a special Women's Football Committee of the Belarusian Football Federationwhich purposefully oversees the development of this sport. Read the rest of the entry »

The history of the RB Cup among women’s teams

Women's Cup of the Republic of Belarus played out since 1992. About 18 years of existence this tournament only 7 teams managed to win the second largest republican trophy. However, to be completely accurate, in fact, the winning teams were only 4. Read the rest of the entry »

The history of the draws of the Championship of the Republic of Belarus in the women's football team

History sovereign women's football of the Republic of Belarus rooted in the early 90s of the last century. To date 18 national championships held and during this time only six teams managed try on gold medals champions of Belarus. Who are these teams? Consider the chronology in more detail ... Read the rest of the entry »

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