Cross Functional Induction for New Employees

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Companies focus a lot on hiring new talent to have quality workforce in their organization. Depending upon the requirement, companies come up with relevant job profiles for which people from across various domains apply. After multiple rounds of interviews and selection processes, companies hire the most suitable candidate for the profile. However, It becomes very important for an organization to groom an individual at the very beginning of recruitment itself. And, that can only be done by a cross functional induction.


Depending upon the area of interest and the kind of job opening available, candidates apply for jobs. The job opportunities in the corporate world are broadly divided into marketing, finance, human resources, operations, legal etc. As per the job requirement, companies focus on getting either fresh recruitment or they go for candidates who have enough relevant work experience for executing the job duties and responsibilities. But apart from understanding the role that an employees has to do, it is important for them to understand all functions or domains which are present in the company. This helps in giving a holistic view of how the company works and how each department contributes in ensuring that the ultimate business objective of the company is met.

The broad classification of the various departments or functions which are present in a company are listed below:

-Marketing & Sales


-Human resources


-Operations & supply chain

Consider an employee who has joined an FMCG company in a marketing role. The primary focus of the company would be to teach the new employee about all things related to marketing. This would cover things like product development, understanding customer behaviour, product pricing strategies, branding, marketing communication etc. This would lay down the platform on the work that is done by the marketing department. However, simply giving an overview of the marketing function would not groom the employees completely. Thus, cross functional induction becomes critical.

The overview of the finance domain or function would shed light on many things which a new employee must be aware of. Introduction of finance would help the new employee learn about the financial position of the company, profit & loss statements, capital expenditure break-ups, investments being done etc. Similarly, an overview on operations would help a new joinee to understand how products are packaged, quality & testing is done, role of logistics & supply chain channel, warehousing etc. This would help the new employee have a better grasp on how the core business functions of marketing, finance and operations help the company do its daily business. It also helps in understanding the historical approach to doing business and also highlights the future plan for the company.

On similar lines, the induction also covers the HR domain or human resources functions. This throws light on the organization hierarchy, company structure, recruitment criteria etc. Eventually an employee has to work with fellow colleagues across departments. Hence, an overview of the HR function helps a new joinee understand how the various departments are inter-related and how they work cohesively in executing the goals set by the company. The other important function is the legal vertical of the company. Overview of the legal department tells about the various policies of the company, regulatory compliances which need to be followed, basic guidelines set by the government or any regulatory body which are mandatory to follow etc. Every employee must be aware of legal bindings of the company and must ensure that they follow the guidelines laid down by the company. This would ensure smooth functioning of the employees and the company without putting the organization under any legal hassles.

Eventually a new employee has to learn the work in which he/she has been selected to do. They have to know the basics, learn the functional/operational execution required, update their knowledge & skills sets as per the job etc. However, having a complete understanding of how all different functions of the organization work together give a better view on the business. And the best way to do this for companies is to have a cross functional induction for all new recruits, and teach them how the company achieves its goals collectively across domains.

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