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Bitcoin Boom: The Next Bubble? 15 December 2017

First it was the tulips, then the dotcom, followed by the housing market. Now, the recent meteoric rise in Bitcoin prices have prompted wall street experts to think: Is Bitcoin boom the next bubble?

A brief background

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which came into being in 2009. Created by the yet unidentified Satoshi Nakomoto, it is based on the ideas put forth in a white paper created by him. The interesting fact is that Bitcoins have no physical existence. They merely exist as balances in a public ledger strewn worldwide over a cloud based system. It is open-source and not owned by any central authority.

The Open Banking Revolution - API Driven Approach 26 November 2017

Technology has already redefined how we bank – from mobile apps to AI that analyzes our voices to help us access our bank accounts, from Core Banking systems to Robotic Banking Assistants. We now stand at the threshold of a future where banking will transmigrate from an individualistic phenomenon to one where the entire ecosystem gets integrated to provide more efficient services to society. Open Banking is essentially a financial revolution that will be driven by customers’ demand for more seamless services, more robust regulatory mandates, the increasing encroachment into the financial sphere by “Fintech” start-ups, and the power of Big Data Analytics.

Consolidation in Indian Banking Sector 03 September 2017

The establishment of the Bank of Bengal in Calcutta in 1786 marked the inception of the commercial banking institutions in India. Over the period of time, numerous reforms were introduced in the banking sector towards building a robust financial system in the nation. The economic reforms of early 1990s helped in the diversification of the economy and strengthening of the operational banking infrastructure. It also enabled competitive financial scenario with the entry of new private sector banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, UTI Bank and IDBI Bank. Since then, the banking sector in India has witnessed tremendous growth over the years.

Tale of Farm Loan Waiver Scheme in India 01 August 2017

Agriculture Sector is considered as primary sector of the Indian Economy as a large portion of the population is dependent on agriculture and allied activities for their survival. According to survey conducted by NSSO and other organizations, almost 50% of the population is employed in agriculture and this sector contributes 17 % to the GDP of the Indian Economy. Taking into account all the factors affecting agriculture, it is learnt that in our country, the farmers have to toil more and in spite of this, they do not yield good returns for their produce due to which their condition remains vulnerable. On news channels and print media, every year we find thousands of farmers committing suicide which gives an insight into the pitiful state of our farmers.

Indian Commercial Banks & their Current Scenario 22 April 2017

In the financial stability report released by RBI as at end of June 2016, it is expected that gross bad loans at commercial banks in India could increase to 8.5% by March 2017, from 7.6% as compared to March 2016. “The macro stress test suggests that under the baseline scenario, the gross NPA may rise to 8.5% by March 2017,” the RBI noted in the report. “If the macro situation deteriorates in the future, the gross NPA ratio may increase further to 9.3% by March 2017.”

A Different Perspective to Growth After Demonetization 01 April 2017

In every ideal democracy, the government of the day will always take steps and measures which are necessary for the welfare of state. Therefore, the decisions of the government are generally for the public good, but the means and the mode used for their implementation determines the nature of policy. It is expected that the demonetization decision is only one of the several of a steps of a larger economic measure which the government is trying to implement. However, when it comes to eradicating black money, the decision needs to be supported by taking additional steps like imposing stringent tax laws and action against benami properties and more emphasis on cashless transactions. Only then it will have the desired impact.

Westside - Business Insights, Trends and Future Plan 01 March 2017

Westside is a retail chain operated by Trent that is the retail arm of the TATA group. Westside offers a predominantly exclusive brands model across women’s wear, menswear, kids’ wear, footwear, lingerie, cosmetics, perfumes and handbags, household furniture and accessories. Although Westside’s sales have been growing steadily for the last five years, it is still lagging in competition with some other Indian retail stores like Pantaloons.

Troubleshooting Game Performance Issues – Hardware

So what could I do to make certain that my hardware is operating optimally? Note: This article is part of a series of articles regarding game and system performance. When debugging functionality, please also complete all possible measures in our Troubleshooting Game Performance problems - computer software article.
Diagnosing Game Performance Problems
Game performance problems, for example slow frame rates or
Occasional slow frames could be brought on by bugs or ineffective coding in the games, or from hardware problems. Before calling Steam Support to report game performance issues it might be worth doing some testing to determine if your pc is the source of the problem. Hardware problems don't evenly impact all of games, so even though only 1 game is revealing problems it is well worth assessing your own hardware.
These hints all assume that you're running Windows.
A few of the various tools used are third party tools that aren't controlled by Valve. Valve's mentioning of the tools is not meant to endorse these tools or create some promises in their own behavior. The list below can be not supposed to be a comprehensive list of the tools that are available.
CPU slow down sIn some scenarios your CPU may slow down as you are playing with a game. This is sometimes caused by overheating, or it can be brought on by efforts to save battery life power. Sudden slow-downs -- where in fact the match is still running fine and then the frame rate falls quite unexpectedly -- are occasionally due to those CPU slowdowns. If your frame rate doesn't improve when you lower the game's settlement then your game's performance is probably constrained by CPU operation and these diagnostic steps may be appropriate.