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Hello to you, the whole women's football world !!! Andrei Women Football Makhnach greets you !!!


It so happened that I managed to reduce my fate with women's football. Still at the age of 19 i did not even suspectthat on our Belarusian football fields occasionally there are female looks, and, by no means amateur status. However, now, after 365 days from my first acquaintance with women's football in Belarus, I have a certain idea about him. Observing this action throughout the year, I came to the unequivocal conclusion that the Belarusian women's football is no worsethan its modern male component.

However, Belarusian media (including newspaper publications) are paying so little attention to this extraordinary phenomenon that I had an irreconcilable desire to create in the modern Internet space a place where football players from all over the country (and not only) could meet, find common topics for discussion, leave comments and help me in the development of this project.

Since you are somehow interested The world's first women's football blog, then you probably would like to learn something and about the author of this project. Well, I am ready to satisfy your healthy curiosity and reveal the veil of secrecy over my modest person.

Makhnach Andrew is me


My name is Andrei Makhnach! I was born in the distant 1988 in Minsk and at this stage in my life I cannot imagine my future existence without life in this city. I studied well at school, but not very well. Becoming an outstanding student was hampered by constant passes due to participation in competitions in favorite football. My career as a professional football player, which I still dream of, did not promise me fate. Excuse me, but I would like to keep the reasons for my failures in this area with you.

In the 11th grade I decided to enroll in pedagogical universitybecause I knew that no “legal” and “economic” happiness would bring me. I knew that I would be happy only in the sports (or at least physical) direction ....... So it actually happens. Now I am absolutely satisfied with my social status as a student, both in terms of my studies (by the way, “ugh, ugh, ugh” I’m going to get a red diploma) and in relation to social and sports employment in the role of press attache of "Minsk woman-BSPU".

Of course, I clearly do not play an important role in the team (at least for now). Only I help the head coach in organizing the training process and writing journalistic materials on the topic of women's football and "Minsk" in particular. Recently became an informant judge at home games of my own team, which is definitely to my liking. Here finally created this blog with the goal of self-realization and popularization of Belarusian women's football. And I hope that you, dear girls football players, will be in every possible way help me in this. Believe me, I will give you this opportunity. Let's do this site together !!!

Sincerely, your Andrew Womem Football Machach !!!

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